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TikTok: Who is Dimensions Floor aka Tron Welborn? Video Explored

Dimensions Floor has been one of the viral TikToker with many not knowing the story behind this account. As TikTok gave plenty of users going viral on the platform for one or the other reason. There are many unaware about Dimensions Floor and the man Tron Welborn behind it. So, who is Tron Welborn of Dimensions Floor?

Read ahead to know more about Dimensions Floor’s Tron Welborn on TikTok.

The popular TikToker Dimensions Floor

TikTok literally had a variety of content creators on the platform going viral. Be it for any funny content or something serious. All kind of content and their creators found their fame on TikTok. Among these, we had one on TikToker Dimensions Floor.


absolute decimation of foors

♬ original sound – dimension7

Dimensions Floor was one of the TikTok accounts that had its content creator Tron Welborn going viral on the platform. The TikTok account going by the name Dimensions Floor isn’t available anymore on the platform. As back at the start of 2022, Tron Welborn behind Dimensions Floor was arrested. Post which he isn’t there on TikTok anymore.

Who is Dimensions Floor of TikTok?

Popular on TikTok, Dimensions Floor was no one but Tron Welborn. Just like other content creators on TikTok, even Tron used to post video with him showing himself jumping off to the floor holding a toy in his hand and shouting “woo”. Though mostly all his videos had similar jumping-to-the-floor content.


mystic phantom is his girlfriend by the way. goodbye dimension.

♬ original sound

It was after he uploaded his videos threatening to shoot at his school and workplace that he was arrested. Tron was arrested back in January 2022. Ever since then an account having his name and about 200k followers shows his videos. Though it isn’t known who owns that account.

Where is Dimensions Floor’s Tron Welborn now?

Dimensions Floor’s Tron Welborn became popular with his videos on TikTok. However, ever since he was arrested in January 2022. Nothing is known about him as to whether he is still in jail or he is out of jail now. But we do know that post his threatening videos, and his account on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok were banned.

A fan account of Dimensions Floor, it claimed that his girlfriend told Tron cannot post on YouTube and TikTok anymore that was a decision by the judge. Meanwhile, you can still find the videos of Dimensions Floor on TikTok.

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