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TikToker Amber Mezner Responds To Bullying Scandal Accusations

Amber Mezner, the TikTok user is facing backlash over bullying fellow users. Post which the news has gone viral on the internet, especially TikTok. The user who goes by the name @sunsetmakeupp has accused Amber of bullying during the time of their middle school. While now everyone has been trying to know about this whole bullying scandal.

Read ahead to know more about Amber Mezner accused of bullying a fellow TikTok user.

Amber Mezner dragged into a bullying scandal

TikTok has several users across the platform. We often get something scandalous to come into existence as well. As happened recently with one of the TikTok users Amber Mezner. Who was accused of bullying a fellow user?

Yes, on 27th November 2022, another user on the plat form as @sunsetmakeupp came up with a video. That has gone viral for its connection with Amber Mezner being accused of bullying a fellow user during middle school days. Not to miss, the user @sunsetmakeupp goes with using the pronoun they/them.

What was Amber Mezner exactly accused of?

The user @sunsetmakeupp recently had one video posted that had Amber accused of telling one of her friends to go to their school and hit them on the face. While adding more in the video they said “And then they both laughed about it towards the end”.

Further, the user @sunsetmakupp said that Amber would even make fun of their scars and their mental health issues be it anxiety or depression. This has certainly made all slam the TikTok user Amber.

Amber’s reaction to the bullying accusation

While the fellow user @sunsetmakeupp expressed all that they endured during their middle school days. Amber has however given her reaction to the bullying accusation. Saying that in a video posted this Sunday Amber said all the accusations as “false rumours”. In the video, Amber said, “This person made a video claiming that I bullied them in middle school- which never happened”.

In fact, she said that she has always been in support of the ones with mental health issues. Meanwhile, a TikTok video with a screenshot showing Amber had @sunsetmakupp in her contact list too came up. No doubt, it seems that this bullying drama of Amber is still to continue. As both Amber and @sunsetmakupp is sharing a completely different story from their side.

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