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TikTok’s Delusional Week Takes Over with Mind-Bending Videos

Delusional Week trend is going viral on TikTok and you surely can’t miss what’s special about it. Previously you might have come across some trends about a kitchen hack, fitness regime, dance, or even a lip sync challenge. But what we can’t miss is surely the Delusional Week trend that you must not have tried yet.

Read ahead to know more about Delusional Week trend on TikTok going viral with its benefits.

TikTok gets its new obsession in the Delusional Week trend

TikTok is a hub of trends and we keep getting a new types of trend on TikTok often. Recently, we got one such new trend and it’s called the “Delusional Week” trend of TikTok. The trend has been making its way on TikTok and it’s going viral. But many are yet to know what the Delusional Week trend is all about.

@kaylinmally acting like the hottest most successful version of myself!!! #bedelusi onal #delusionweek #highestself #mindsetshift #luckygirlsyndrome ♬ original sound – Kaylin Mally

Well, if you are unaware of it and want to know. Then it’s a trend that can actually help you in many ways. As it’s all about bringing a positive change in one’s life that can be done through this trend.

How to try the Delusional Week trend of TikTok?

In the Delusional Week trend of TikTok, we get one to try all their good habits to become a part of their routine for a week. In order to try the Delusional Week trend yourself. First, you need to make a list of all the positive changes you want to bring to your lifestyle.

You can make a list with habits like waking up early, working out, and so on. Then you have to make it a part of your routine for seven days in the Delusional Week. Which will be seen in your videos on TikTok under this trend. The trend was first brought about by TikTok user Danielle Walter.

Users’ reaction to TikTok’s Delusional Week trend

Users have been trying out TikTok’s viral Delusional Week trend. As they found it to be useful in adapting to new changes in their lifestyle. While many have already shared their videos of the trend. Some are yet to try it out.

In fact, users on TikTok and social media have been reacting to the trend and praising it. As users have been sharing the results of trying this trend on how it made their lifestyle better. Not to miss, the Delusional Week trend is a seven-day trend that makes it easier for all to try it.

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