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TikTok’s newest craze is the ‘Jeffree Star’ s 2023 guy’ guessing recreation

Jeffree Star has actually been teasing fans online, sharing pictures together with his “NFL boo” that provide tips to that’s 2023 guy might effectively be.

As internet follower custom so generally goes, TikTok and also Twitter have actually considering that come to life, with stans trying to untangle this thriller and also a flurry of memes and also conspiracy theory concepts, transforming the report right into an agitated guesingrecreation

We have a look at TikTok’s outrageous lineup as fans have actually been chucking in names evocative Cole Kmet, Henry Anderson and also also Tom Brady right into the hat.

Considering a great deal of the prospects on this list are thankfully wed … we’re unsure that approved these supposed‘TikTok investigators’

Jeffree Star messages regarding “NFL boo”

The initial hint obtained right here on January 27, 2023, when Star tweeted a picture from an individual jet with the subtitle: “Time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming.” In the photo, only Star and also his thriller male’s legs can be seen, hing on the traveler seats, and also within the center, you might see that the 2 are holding fingers.

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If this had not been currently succulent adequate, Jeffree uploaded yet another hint a variety of days later on. On Monday, January 30, the influencer, that has 13.8 million fans on Instagram, shared a breeze of him and also NFL boo inWyoming This time round, however, Star was entirely seen, whereas just the once more of the thriller male might effectively be seen.

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Playing the sporting activity, Jeffree composed: “His team didn’t make it to the #SuperBowl  but he’s 6’6 and plays perfect in the bedroom ?.” Importantly, conspiracy theory concepts have actually considering that emerged that the orange coronary heart emoji may indicate that NFL boo’s team pigmentation is orange.

Internet investigators put together to evaluate

One online individual commented on Star’s tweet: “I’m bored at work so… The spot is a mark from an IV, so he’s likely a starter. It’s on his right hand. That plus the legs being crossed to the left, I’d guess he’s left-handed. The leg hair is very light. He’s probably blonde/ginger. JS is 6’0 and size 11M shoe.”

In a substantially not likely crossover in between the makeup and also NFL neighborhoods, TikTokkers from each camps have actually been uploading films regarding that they expect NFL boo might effectively be.

One TikTokker recommended that “he’s wearing vans and there are only around 15 White NFL players who wear Vans.”


Is Jeffree Star partnership someone within the NFL? @jackmacbarstool

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Another TikTokker, that publishes films regarding pop culture info, shared a observe from his telephone with a stock of achievable NFL players that may match the billing. He continued to talk audiences by means of every one of the options and also why it can or is possibly not them.


Replying to @carsonlitzsinger what do you expect?? #jeffreestar#jeffreestarcosmetics#nfl#football#wyoming#foryou

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Fans are around the comments areas, offering their 2 feeling and also recommending achievable NFL players.

Dissecting the outrageous report list

Initially, Henry Anderson, that does for the Carolina Panthers, was a credibility that kept turning up. In a TikTok, someone mentioned that people believed that NFL boo’s ears resembled Henry Anderson’s.

However, fans made some relatively durable disagreements against it being Henry … evocative the real reality he’s thankfully wed. One TikTok individual mentioned “Henry Anderson is married. Wife posted him on 1/8. Not him.” A 2nd individual composed: “Henry Anderson is literally married with a baby. They just posted the other day. People are reaching.”

VT reported on a beautician’s discuss Instagram recommending that NFL boo might effectively be Chicago Bears’Cole Kmet She mentioned: “Idk I’m a hairdresser and researching the other comments and judging that swirl in the back of his head along with the fade…my bet is Cole Kmet. I could be totally wrong.”

Other referrals have actually consisted of Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Carl Naaisb, Kliff Kingsbury, and also a lot of lots of added. There have actually also been some dramatically wild stabs at the hrs of darkness, like Tom Brady, that’s added vulnerable to be hanging out together with his children.

Of program, at this phase, Jeffree Star’s 2023 guy has never been validated nonetheless the concept of making an effort to think that it might effectively be has came to be a viral recreation for consumers on social networks.



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