‘Tinubu Latched On To June 12 To Celebrate His One Year Failure Of Democracy’ – Yusuf

Tinubu and Yuusuf


A former Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, Usman Yusuf, has said that President Bola Tinubu latched on to the June 12 celebrations because he had nothing to celebrate after marking one year in office.

Naijaonpoint reports that Yusuf said this in an interview with ARISE TV, stating that Nigerians are celebrating 25 years of unbroken democracy, but hunger is ravaging the nation.

Reflecting on Nigeria’s democracy, Yusuf challenged Tinubu to live up to expectations as the country’s President because Nigerians are groaning.

He said, “There is a saying- what does democracy mean to a hungry person? It’s been 25 years, unbroken democracy. What does it mean to a hungry person? Fellow Nigerians, we need to ask ourselves, is our life better today compared to 28th of May, 2003? The answer for everybody in this country is no.

“Our democracy is very fragile, and democracy needs to be nourished. It’s like a flower, it needs to be nourished, it needs to be watered, it needs to be given fertilizer. But our politicians are taking this, our democracy, our hard-won democracy, for granted, just like they are taking Nigerians for granted. The ordinary worker’s salary cannot pay for his food, cannot pay for rent, cannot pay for shelter, and cannot pay for other necessities of life. And here we are celebrating. What do we have to show?

“For me, what I said is because President Bola Ahmed Tinubu had nothing to celebrate after his one-year anniversary, he latched on to the June 12.

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu should have known better. He is no more a NADECO President, he is President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and acknowledged Nigerians more than any other person on June 12 and let’s move on. So for me, June 12th celebration was just he wanted to celebrate his one year failure of democracy. He needs to do better, Nigerians are groaning, there is hunger in the land, everywhere you see it.”