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It is so invigorating and heartwarming to see Jeff Bridges back in action as the titular lead of The Old Man cast on FX. I say this not just for the chance to see him in a, literally, ass-kicking role again, but to see him return to acting just a couple of years after the announcement of his lymphoma diagnosis shocked and upset many.

The Academy Award-winning actor (also the son of Lloyd Bridges and the brother of Beau Bridges) has easily become one of Hollywood’s most beloved talents, having built up an extremely impressive and versatile filmography and played characters of all kinds over the course of a long and celebrated career. The following is a collection of our personal picks for Jeff Bridges’ best movies (so far), starting with the hilarious cult classic that features what has, essentially, become his definitive role.

(Image credit: Universal)

The Big Lebowski (1998)



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