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Tom Brady Subtly Honors Gisele Bündchen in Retirement Announcement

Tom Brady announced he’s finally retiring after 23 seasons. He shared an update in a post on his Instagram account that included photos from his life and career over the last couple of years. His post gave a subtle nod to his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen.

Tom Brady’s retirement announcement

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Brady announced his retirement on social media. He became quite emotional as he thanked his supporters. In his Instagram video, Brady says, “I’ll get to the point right away. I’m retiring for good. I really thank you guys so much, to every single one of you, for supporting me. My family, my friends, my teammates, my competitors. Thank you for allowing me to live my absolute dream. I wouldn’t change a thing. Love you all.”



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