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Tom Hanks Invented His Own Cocktail — And It’s a Bizarre Combination

Tom Hanks: actor, filmmaker, America’s dad, and now bartender? Like James Bond, Hanks has come to have a cocktail associated with him. But unlike 007, who put his own spin on a classic drink, Hanks has made one of his own creation. But the cocktail in question is a bit of an unorthodox one. So what does the boozy drink consist of, and how did the Forest Gump alum come up with it?

Tom Hanks toasts Stephen Colbert with his newly invented cocktail
Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert | Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

How did Tom Hanks come up with his own cocktail?

While on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Hanks revealed that his new cocktail that came into existence while he was celebrating the Winter Holidays with his family. The Oscar winner admits that he isn’t a big drinker and usually sticks to Diet Coke even when he’s celebrating. Since Hanks has Type 2 diabetes, he has to watch his sugar intake, and thus, he sticks to diet pop in lieu of regular pop. However, since his family was celebrating with champagne, he had the idea to pour a bit of champagne over his diet Coke. While his family initially called him “insane”, after trying it, they had to admit that the cocktail was pretty good.



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