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Too Bad for Slow Joe: The Fallout Continues for Biden Following His Recent “Semi-Fascist” Remark

During a sorry attempt at a recent speech in which Biden made little sense and even fewer good points, our senile commander in chief decided to label those MAGA Republicans that voted for Donald Trump a gang of “semi-fascists”.

What does “semi-fascist” mean? Who knows. His press secretary certainly had no idea what he meant and had no good answer when asked about the comment by CNN’s Don Lemon.

But Biden’s sticking to the comment, of course. Some PR person must have told him it was a winner of a remark. But even he, the one who made the remark, might not be able to explain it, as was shown during a recent comment to a reporter, who asked him “What do you mean by semi-fascism, sir?

Biden, like his dimwitted press secretary, had no good answer and just said “You know what I mean” in response to the reporter, leaving all of us scratching our heads and wondering if he even knows was he meant by “semi-fascism.”

Well, as he scratches his head and tries to figure out what his speech meant, much of the GOP is furious about what they see as Biden’s rendition of Hillary’s infamous “basket of deplorables” comment.

One such GOP figure was Tomi Lahren, who ripped the “semi-fascist” comment when appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered” and explained the strategy behind it, saying:

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This is certainly his ‘basket of deplorables’ moment. And we saw how well that worked out for Hillary Clinton. But this is what they need to do. This is actually a strategy. I don’t think this is just them saying things that they feel in their heart of hearts, even though I’m sure he probably does. I think this is a strategy.

“He knows that his administration has been lackluster. He knows that nobody is excited to go out and vote for Democrats or vote for Joe Biden because quite frankly, who has excitement for that? Nobody really does. Where the excitement in the Democrat Party lies is with the radicals, the radical leftists. So that’s why he has to use these terms like ultra MAGA.


Another blonde blasted Biden’s comment as well. That would be Kellyanne Conway. She also tore into Biden’s remark during an appearance on Fox News Channel, saying:

It’s not going to work for them…Plain and sample, you don’t attract voters by first insulting them. I don’t understand but I’m happy about the strategy that Biden and Andrew Cuomo have had.

“Biden is insulting 74 million Trump-Pence voters…Charlie Crist the day before told all of those Ron DeSantis voters, ‘I don’t want you to vote for me.’ Alienating voters is no way to get their attention and affection.


“Number 2, Joe Biden, the president of the United States was asked to explain what he meant by semi-fascism. His press secretary was asked last night. Neither one gave a definition. They’re ignorant or arrogant or a combination of the two.”

Brandon has no idea what he’s saying or doing. And you’re apparently a semi-fascist for mocking him for that.

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