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Top 10 Boruto Filler Episodes You Shouldn’t Skip

Boruto is known for its filler episodes. This goes back to the Naruto series, where fillers were a prominent part of the show. True die-hard fans swear by the manga and would prefer the animators to stick to the chapters without adding fillers. Since the Boruto manga releases monthly chapters, it can take a long time for the manga to progress a lot.

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Fortunately, not all filler bouts are a waste of time. Without these fillers, we wouldn’t have seen Jiraiya and baby Naruto appear or how Boruto learned Kakashi’s legendary Chidori style. If you’re someone who skips the fillers, here are ten filler episodes you’ll want to bookmark and save to watch later.

10 Time Crossing – Episode 136

Time travel can be a tricky situation. Tampering with events that happened previously can completely change the present and future tense of the plot. In episode 136, Sakura almost discovers Sasuke’s identity when she finds a mysterious mysterious letter detailing information on Jiraiya.

In the end, Sasuke had to wipe the memories of everyone involved so that it wouldn’t affect the subsequent events leading up to their current time period. Sasuke uses his Rinnegan to travel back in time to the present day, where Boruto has a newfound appreciation for what his father, Naruto, had to endure as a child.

9 Death – Episode 166

In episode 66, fans see the true power of Mitsuki’s sage mode. Team 7 is assigned to protect Hashirama’s cell from Deba. These synthetic cells contain the DNA of the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju. Users who obtain Cell will be granted the abilities and attributes of the mighty “Shinobi God”.

In the fight, Deepa battles Team 7 in their quest to obtain the cells. Deepa is an incredibly tough foe because he is able to manipulate carbon, which makes him nearly invincible to ninjutsu attacks. Mitsuki uses his Sage Mode to activate Senjutsu’s lightning, dealing massive damage to Deepa and eventually saving Boruto and Sarada.

8 The power of the nine tails episode 131

Naruto's Ninetails power

Every anime villain would go to ridiculous lengths to gain power, and Urashiki is one of them. In fact, he travels back in time to find baby Naruto, so he can easily fight him and take Kurama’s chakra. Since Urashiki cannot defeat an adult Naruto, he has to resort to fighting him as a child.

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Kid Naruto is the hot-headed that he is, turning berserk by allowing the Nine-Tailed Kurama to consume him. Urashiki tries to take his chakra, only to discover that the seal is placed inside, preventing him from stealing it. In the end, Urashiki leaves, so he can formulate a strategy to try again.

7 The Village Hidden in the Leaf Episode 129

Village Hidden in the Leaves - Boruto and Sasuke

Boruto’s time travel arc is one of the best story arcs that Boruto has to offer. Who would imagine Boruto traveling back in time to save his father from Urashiki? Jiraiya, a fan favorite of the Naruto series, made his first appearance in Boruto.

Upon landing back in the old days of Konoha, Sasuke and Boruto encounter Tsunada, Jiraiya, and Naruto. Sasuke tells them that they are traveling circus performers with ninjutsu abilities to avoid any suspicion. Jiraiya and Naruto are assigned to watch these two strangers, which gives Boruto and his “father” a chance to bond.

Footprints Kara Boruto

Kara’s Footprints is an episode that proves that shims can provide context and complement an original font. This story begins with Sasuke and Sai investigating Kara’s lair. They find Garashi Tono, a survivor of one of Kara’s attacks.

The shinobi agree to help Garashi, but betray him as he reveals himself as the true killer. Sasuke and Sai escape just as Garshi dies from the poison gas. Naruto and Shikamaru are alerted of their findings on the hideout. In the end, the mysterious Kara Organization holds a meeting to discuss their new facilities and plans to destroy the old hideout.

5 Urashiki Goal – Episode 128

Urashiki Boruto's goal

Urashiki infiltrates the Hidden Leaf Village and does light work for many of Konoha’s ninja. Being a power-hungry villain, he takes Mirai’s chakra, hoping to learn about the tailed beasts’ chakra. Using Genjutsu acquired from Mirai, he is able to lure shinobi away from the village as a distraction.

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Boruto joins the mission to stop Urashiki. Eventually, they find Urashiki activating an ancient, turtle-like artifact that can teleport space and time. Sasuke and Boruto deduce Urashiki’s true intentions and teleport to Konoha’s past.

4 Their Decision – Episode 167

Their decision is Boruto

After being attacked by Deba, Mitsuki saves Boruto and Sarada on the battlefield. When the fight is over, they are taken to Liv’s hospital. Mitsuki returns to Orochimaru for treatment to tire himself out by using the sage pose.

Boruto and Sarada are determined to train harder and become stronger so they will never feel helpless again. While it’s not the most energetic episode, it certainly provides context for their inner motivations. This paves the way for both shinobi to gain new abilities in the upcoming episodes.

3 Training Begins – Episode 168

Boruto and Kakashi start training

After Team 7 suffers a brutal defeat from Deba, Boruto and Sarada begin their training. Boruto seeks to make the Rasengan stronger by learning from Kakashi, while Sarada is mentored by Sasuke, who teaches her how to master the Sharingan.

Boruto displays his natural ability to learn quickly, similar to his grandfather, the Fourth Hokage Minato. He learns how to use Wind Nature’s chakra and adds it to his Rasengan. As a result, the newly improved Rasengan is a spiral, compressed wind that can cut through objects.

2 A joint mission with sand – episode 169

Joint mission with Sand Boruto

In Episode 169, Team 10 is given a mission to work with members of the Land of Wind, including Garra’s son Shinki. They are tasked with finding a missing doll, which Urashiki used.

Deepa, a member of Kara’s organization, kills everyone in a restaurant and takes control of the doll. The two teams track down Deepa and have an all-out battle. Unfortunately, Teams was easily defeated by Deepa. Shinki uses his black iron fist to try to destroy the doll rather than allow it to have it.

1 Jiraiya’s Assignment – Episode 132

Set Jiraiya Boruto and Naruto

Jiraiya is one of the most beloved and popular characters in the Naruto fandom. Think of it as Yoda of the Naruto series. While he suffered the tragic fate of dying in Naruto, fans are happy to see him again.

In this episode, we see Naruto and Boruto training together to synchronize chakra. Boruto, who is supposed to keep a secret about his identity, accidentally uses his own Rasengen. At this point, Jiraiya discovers Sasuke’s true identity. As Naruto is frustrated with his training, Sasuke gives him words of encouragement.

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