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Top Gun: Maverick Sinks Titanic to Become Paramount's Highest Grossing Domestic Movie Ever



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There are very few obstacles for Top Gun: Maverick to beat, but it has now passed one of the remaining milestones to become the highest-grossing Paramount Pictures release of the studio’s 110-year year history at the domestic box office. While James Cameron’s epic Titanic has held that title for just short of 25 years, Top Gun: Maverick has officially sank the 1997 film as Paramount’s top grosser of all time. Having now taken $601.9 million, the sequel to the 1986’s Top Gun is still surprising everyone by blowing away record after record.

Having arrived in theaters on Memorial Day weekend after a release delay of almost two years thanks to the Covid pandemic, Top Gun: Maverick has proven that good things do come to those who wait. As if being the first billion-dollar worldwide movie of the pandemic era, holding the position of the 50th movie to gross $1 billion ever, and being far and away the highest grossing movie of Tom Cruise’s career, Top Gun: Maverick has managed to topple the mighty Titanic with relative ease. Considering how long James Cameron’s movie has sat on top of the Paramount mountain, and that we are just coming out of the pandemic and all the closures and disruption that brought with it, the achievement is staggering. In a statement, Brian Robbins, President and CEO of Paramount Pictures said:

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While there is still a lot of gas in the tank of Top Gun: Maverick, Miles Teller has already hinted that there could possibly be a third movie to come in the franchise. While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Teller revealed that he had spoken about another Top Gun movie with Tom Cruise, but he said in the end, it all comes down to Cruise whether it happens or not.

While there has been a huge outpouring of love for Top Gun: Maverick, it has been a multifaceted thing, from the nostalgia of returning to the original Top Gun story in many ways, the return of not only Tom Cruise but Val Kilmer as Iceman, and the fact that Top Gun: Maverick actually seemed to have a story worth telling and was not just attempting to cash in on the original movie. The question now is whether a third movie could capture the same feeling. Even though the numbers around Top Gun: Maverick add up to big amounts of cash, and that in turn usually leads to someone wanting another bite of the cherry, there is something about maintaining the Top Gun legacy that could end up preventing that from happening.



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