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Top Queensland cop’s vulgar and sexist joke cost him his job



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One of Queensland’s top police officers has resigned in disgrace after a sexist remark about a colleague came to light during an investigation launched to reform the police force.

Deputy Commissioner Paul Taylor referred to a colleague as a “vagina whisperer” with the comments made public during Queensland Police’s responses to the domestic and family violence investigation.

Taylor resigned on Friday, saying he was “devastated” by the impact it had on the police’s reputation.

Purchasing Secretary Mick de Brenni said quitting was the “appropriate” thing for Taylor to do.

“I don’t think there is an environment in which these kinds of comments are acceptable,” Mr De Brenni said on Saturday.

“He has done the honorable thing.”

But a second officer discussed during the investigation, Chief Inspector Ray Rohweder, remains despite the investigation and hears obscene remarks attributed to him.

grossly insulting comment

This included asking an officer in a public setting who had facial injuries whether “she closed her legs on you”.

De Brenni said he found that “completely unacceptable.”

Before the comments were echoed to him at a press conference, Mr De Brenni said that if they were comparable to Mr Taylor’s, Mr Rohweder should also “make the right decision”.

Mr De Brenni said misogyny and sexist culture needed to be eradicated from the Queensland police force and the nation at large.

Employment Secretary Di Farmer said some of the things that emerged from the investigation were “confrontational and really shocking”.

‘That’s not what we stand for’

“You have to tackle these things at the highest level,” Ms Farmer said.

“When we hear comments like that, when we see disrespect for women…every one of us, every one of us, we have to say we don’t stand for that.”

Both Mr De Brenni and Mrs Farmer supported Commissioner Katarina Carroll, who is accused of reforming the police force.

The Queensland government has given the green light to the state police investigation after a separate domestic violence inquiry found that hundreds of victims had often been mistreated or ignored by officers.



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