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Tosin Dokpesi, Raymond Dokpesi Ex Wife: Wikipedia And Age

Tosin Dokpesi

Tosin Dokpesi is a well-known Nigerian businesswoman, philanthropist, and former wife of popular media mogul, Raymond Dokpesi. Her full name is Oluwatoyin Dokpesi and she is from the southern part of Nigeria.

Tosin Dokpesi gained public recognition after her divorce from Raymond Dokpesi, who is the founder of African Independent Television (AIT) and Chairman of DAAR Communications. Despite the divorce, she has continued to build her own legacy as a successful businesswoman, philanthropist and a mother to her children.

Her early life and education are not readily available on Wikipedia, but she is believed to have obtained her degree from a Nigerian university before furthering her studies abroad.

As a philanthropist, Tosin Dokpesi is known for her charitable works aimed at supporting the less privileged in Nigerian society. She has supported various social causes, including HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns and educational scholarships for underprivileged children.

Tosin Dokpesi is also a successful businesswoman, with investments in various sectors of the Nigerian economy. Notably, she is the founder and CEO of Aberdare Ventures, a firm focused on real estate, energy, and technology. Through her company, she has contributed to the growth of various communities and sectors in Nigeria.

Despite her remarkable achievements, Tosin Dokpesi has kept a low profile in the media. Her interviews and public appearances are limited, and she prefers to keep her private life away from the public eye.

Regarding her age, there is no information available on her exact date of birth, but based on her previous relationships, it is estimated that she is in her 50s.

In conclusion, Tosin Dokpesi is a remarkable woman who has made a significant impact in Nigerian society through her philanthropy and business ventures. She has successfully navigated the challenges of being a divorced woman in a conservative society and continues to inspire women to chase their dreams regardless of their marital status.