Transforming our nation through ownership and action

“I am fully persuaded that we are all responsible for our collective future – good or bad – because together we have the power to do and undo. We are not helpless victims – unless we choose to be.”

The nation right now is at a cross road. A cross road she acknowledges in her extension where youths all over Nigeria prepares to celebrate the anniversary of the Lekki toll gate massacre and the constant decline in the economy. However, to ‘japa’ is not the solution, ‘we’ (you and me) make up the country today.

Fast-forward to 2032, there are no rooms for small dreams, we must all ask ourselves what we can do for our country and not what our country can do for us because our work is our citizenship. Moving forward, how do we start to take ownership and action to radically transform our nation?

To conclude she says, “It is a choice, a decision we each have to make to take our place, to pay the price, in the highest capacity we can, whatever that looks like for each of us. No shortcuts. NOW – not later – if our nation is to be more developed in a decade’s time across all key development indicators, and greater than it has ever been before… WE are the women and men who built Nigeria, WE are the ones whom we seek! We simply CANNOT give up on Nigeria, We CANNOT give up on Nigerians. Happy 61st Independence Day Nigeria! I, truly, love you.”

Source: NairaMetrics

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