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Trump Loyalists Line Up to Spread Rumor FBI Planted Evidence in Mar-a-Lago



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A number of Donald Trump’s allies and conservative figures continue to support the unsubstantiated claim that the FBI may have planted evidence against the former president during his search for Mar-a-Lago.

On Monday, federal agents raided Trump’s home in Palm Beach, Florida, as part of an investigation into the former president’s alleged removal and destruction of classified White House records after he left office in January 2021.

Almost immediately, those close to Trump began laying the groundwork by suggesting that if any potentially damning evidence emerges, it was the agents who put it there — an unfounded claim with no evidence to back it up so far.

On Tuesday, one of Trump’s attorneys, Alina Habba, told UKTN News she was “concerned” that FBI agents “might have planted something” during their search.

“You know, right now, who knows? I don’t trust the government, and that’s very frightening as an American,” Habba said.

Former US President Donald Trump speaks at the America First Agenda Summit, July 26, 2022, at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Washington, DC.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Before the interview, UKTN News’ Jesse Watters said in his opening monologue on Tuesday, “What the FBI is probably doing is collecting evidence, which they did during the Russian hoax.

“We also suspect that they tampered with evidence to get the warrant — again, which they did during the Russian hoax.”

Watters tried to justify his claim later on his Tuesday show in an interview with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

“We know they’re doctoring evidence, we know they’re posting evidence, we know they’re hiding evidence, we know they’re lying, we know the leak,” Watters said. “This is nothing new – they’ve been doing this for years.”

Also on Tuesday, fellow Trump attorney Christina Bobb, who was present in Mar-a-Lago during the search but was not allowed to witness it, told Real America’s Voice that the FBI didn’t even need to collect evidence.

“Right now I don’t necessarily think they would even go so far as to plant information. I think they just make things up and come up with whatever they want,” Bobb said.

Elsewhere, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich also suggested federal agents may have “planted” evidence against the president.

“You’ll notice they haven’t allowed anyone from Trump’s side into Mar-a-Lago. So we have no idea whether or not they planted evidence,” Gingrich said during an appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show.

Steve Bannon, a former Trump White House adviser, said Tuesday he would not let the federal government “pass by” to try to frame the former president.

“The FBI and the DOJ are essentially lawless criminal organizations,” Bannon told conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on the latter’s InfoWars show on Tuesday.

The claim was further circulated after Trump himself alluded to it in a Truth Social post on Wednesday morning, while also noting that the FBI did not let its lawyers watch the raid while it was being carried out.

“Everyone was asked to vacate the property, they wanted to be left alone, with no witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, ‘planting,’” Trump wrote. “Why did they insist on no one looking at them, everyone out?”

Soon after, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has spread conspiracy theories in the past, went even further. There was an “extremely high probability” that the former president’s claims were true tweeted.

“Why else would they NOT allow his lawyers or anyone else to watch them as they carried out their unprecedented foray? They know the consequences of a power move empty-handed,” she wrote.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul also reiterated the claim during a conversation with UKTN and friends on Wednesday.

“Do I know that the boxes of material they brought from Mar-a-Lago, they won’t put things in those boxes to trap him?” said Paul. ‘How do we know? The lawyers were not allowed to see the boxes.

“How do we know they’ll be honest with us about what’s in the boxes? How do we know it was in the box before he left the house if the lawyers weren’t allowed to see everything?’

There is no indication that the FBI is trying to frame the former president.

Legal experts, meanwhile, argue that Trump could release the search warrant he was allegedly given prior to the search. The document would describe all items removed from his home.

The FBI has been contacted for comment.



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