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Tucker Carlson Gives One Of His Best Monologues Ever After Liberal Media Disgustingly Spins Nashville Shooting

Fox News host Tucker Carlson gave a controversial monologue on Tuesday night where he called members of the transgender community the “natural enemy” and “opposite” of Christianity.

“The trans movement is the mirror image of Christianity, and therefore its natural enemy,” Carlson began before mentioning how Christians obey God after recognizing their sinfulness and helpfulness without God.


“The trans movement takes the opposite view. Trans ideology claims dominion over nature itself. We can change the identity we were born with, they will tell you with wild-eyed certainty. Christians can never agree with the statement because these are powers they believe God alone possesses.”

“Christianity and transgender orthodoxy are wholly incompatible theologies,” Carlson continued, adding, “they can never be reconciled.”

Carlson went on to ridicule ABC News’ Terry Moran for his coverage of the Nashville shooting. The Fox News host slammed Moran for “suggesting that Christians were murdered in Tennessee because they infringed on the rights of transgendered people.”

“The state of Tennessee bans the sexual mutilation of children. Children get shot to death in a school. It’s cause and effect. That’s what ABC News is telling you.”

Carlson then launched criticisms at a radical Leftist transgender group that “said that the shooter’s death was a complex tragedy that resulted from ‘anti-trans bias.’”

The Fox News host called that conclusion a lie. “That is a lie. It’s a provable lie, and in fact, the opposite is true. We seem to be watching the rise of trans-terrorism. The man who tried to murder Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after the repeal of Roe v. Wade, identified as a ‘trans gamer girl.’ The man who shot up a nightclub in Colorado in this past November and murdered five people identified as non-binary, and now this and there could be more.”

The entirety of Carlson’s monologue:



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