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Tulsa King season 2 premiere date: When to expect news

Tulsa KingWe don’t blame anyone out there who is already jazzed-up at the concept of getting some Tulsa King season 2 news. The show left us on a big cliffhanger for a reason! They want there to be some legitimate discussion about the future and of course, we think that there’s going to be for weeks.

The one thing we’ll add to this conversation, as an aside, is simply this: We have a hard time thinking that Dwight is going to just be locked away somewhere for some significant stretch of time. That just feels counter-intuitive to the show that we watched in season 1; they’ll want things to move quickly and it’s harder for that to happen when Sylvester Stallone’s character is trapped.

Now, let’s go ahead and get to the matter at hand in trying to figure out a potential return date — or, at the very least, when some news on this could theoretically be announced. It’s certainly not going to be for the next six or seven months, given that this show has yet to start filming. There hasn’t even been anything said publicly as to when that will happen! Until the news starts to trickle in a little bit more on that, we have to tap on the brakes.

We tend to think that, at least for now, fall is a reasonable timeline as to when some serious Tulsa King season 2 news could start to trickle in. If we don’t get anything about a premiere date at that point, it’s possible we could hear something more about either the cast or approximately when the show is coming back. Anything would be better than being left out in the void.

Also, if we were Paramount+, we’d keep promoting it over the next few months. There are certainly people and prospective subscribers who aren’t even aware of it yet!

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When do you think a Tulsa King season 2 premiere date will be announced?

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