Tupac Shakur’s Family Help Late Rapper’s Cafe Dreams Come True In LA

The late Tupac Shakur will forever be remembered as one of the most influential rappers of all time and his family recently honored his cherished memory.

The music star seemed to have always dreamed of opening a restaurant, but his unfortunate and untimely death prevented the vision’s manifestation.  

Nonetheless, his kinfolks fulfilled his dream, bringing the restaurant to live in Los Angeles that will continue to contribute to his lasting legacy. 

Tupac Shakur’s Family Opens Restaurant In Los Angeles

Rapper Tupac Shakur smiling

The family of the talented rapper opened the restaurant on June 16, and although it will only be temporary in the long run, it will also provide a personal insight into the late star’s life.

As L.A. Eater reported, the eatery, named Powamekka Café, is located at 800W. Olympic Boulevard, otherwise called L.A. Live. It was also opened as a joint partnership with Fixins Soul Kitchen.

Powamekka will take over the Sacramento-founded soul food café for a limited period from June 16 till June 30 and will feature lunch through dinner hours every day. Reservations can be made via OpenTable.

The restaurant will not be the first limited-run rapper restaurant partnership in Los Angeles, as stars like Eminem, daughters of Notorious B.I.G., and Jam Master Jay had their joints in the city.

All the same, Powamekka Café was initially envisioned by Tupac, who branded the idea as a spot to “play and parlay” based on the notes found by his family upon his passing in 1996.

It is worth knowing that there have also been previous Powamekka joints in New York, back in 2017, and Fresno, California.

And now, the L.A. pop-up has been fully set with a complete lunch and dinner menu, including comfort meal favorites such as gumbo, meatloaf, and fried chicken wings.

Furthermore, the restaurant also collaborated with the nearby Wake Me When I’m Free exhibit to celebrate the life and grieve the demise of Tupac.

There will be hung images and souvenirs in the café from the best-selling music artist’s career, in alliance with the exhibit, including notebooks that detail Tupac’s original idea for Powamekka Café.

Speaking of which, a day before the restaurant’s opening and the “2Pacalypse Now” star’s birthday on June 16 of this year, his Instagram page showed an update of Powamekka Café’s launch in L.A.

... included two pictures; the first showed details of the opening day and the restaurant, while the second snap showed Tupac’s writing of the original Powamekka idea.

Its caption also had similar information, including how reservations could be made and tagging Fixins Soul Kitchen and Wake Me When I’m Free.

Since the “Me Against the World” star’s death years ago, several mementos came up for auction, including the 1996 BMW piece he was shot in, costing a massive $1.7 million.

The Blast shared that the car was available for view at the Celebrity Cars Las Vegas showroom last year, and several years before, another of his cars, a 1996 Hummer H1, was sold at an auction for $337,144.

Regarding the BMW, Las Vegas Police confiscated the car after the murder and auctioned it off, leading it to be passed through various collectors.

In 2017, the vehicle was up for auction at $1.5 million but increased to the 2021 price of $1.7 million, possibly due to the car’s renovations, making it as good as new.

The “Greatest Hits” Creator’s Family File Lawsuit Against Executor For Financial Embezzlement

The Blast previously reported that Tupac’s family accused an executor earlier this year of skimming funds and property that seemed to have belonged to the rapper’s sister.

The lawsuit showed that the music star’s sister Sekyiwa Shakur and The Tupac Shakur Foundation were suing one Tom Whalley, who was named the executor of Tupac’s mother Afeni’s estate following her sudden death in 2016.

Sekyiwa noted that she was the primary beneficiary of her mother’s estate, passed on from her brother, and should be given several assets belonging to the rap icon.

The Foundation also stated that they were entitled to 10% of yearly income from the estate, after which they and Sekyiwa claimed Whalley should be ordered to provide a full accounting of the estate.

It was further revealed that the agent allegedly “used and abused his powers as executor and special trustee of the estate” to “draw substantial funds for his own benefit.”



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