Tweet reacts to clip of city spokesman cringing [watch]

Tweeps hailed the Kimberley City spokesperson as the “queen of killing” after her competence was questioned in an interview about water reductions in the area.

This is not the first time a city official has been left speechless as he speaks to the public about a lack of service delivery — this time without water — leaving the public unsure of their abilities as civil servants.

Kimberly-Clark City spokesperson provides update on water reductions

The SABC has provided an update on what to expect following news that Kimberley residents will be without water for the weekend following leaks and repair work.

one of morning live The reporter chatted with Sol Plaatje municipal spokesman Thoko Reit about the local situation.

The interview started off well, with the spokesperson explaining the various leaks and how the municipality plans to fix them.

But things soon took the worst turn. When asked what residents could do without water, the spokesperson was left speechless – literally.

From stammering and even asking the reporter to repeat the question, to the reporter personally helping the speaker answer the question, the interview was a disaster!

TWEEPS winks awkwardly

The video went viral on social media. Here’s what tweeps had to say:

@Dlidlozi: “When they hire a slay queen with a political background”

@Yourhighnessdmz: “This is clearly the result of nepotism”

@im_kay101: “This is more embarrassing than hilarious. How did she interview for her current position?”

@meshack_dube: “Looks like she doesn’t know anything about it”

@maradon_maz: “How did she become the face in the first place?

@Alpha_Female: “Talking about hiring through the back door”

@missveebarbz: “I think she’s doing this to escape responsibility, which is impossible!”

@Patricia_Bantom: “Weaving and nails are important. But the head is empty”


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