Twilight actress Rachelle LeFevre slams Target for removing pride collection

Rachelle LeFevre recently called out Target for moving its pride merchandise display to the back of their outlets amid backlash from conservatives.

Here is everything you need to know.

Rachelle Lefevre accuses Target of ‘trying to erase’ LGBTQ people

Rachelle LeFevre took to her official Instagram account on 26th May to call out Target for removing its pride merchandise from the front of its outlets.

Moreover, she said that she cannot bring her non-binary seven-year-old to the retail outlet due to their latest action. 

She said, ‘I came in here two days ago and my 7-year-old, who’s nonbinary, saw it and said, “Look, Mom, it’s pride Look, they’re going to celebrate me.”‘

She continued, ‘I can’t bring them here anymore, at least for the entire month of June, because if they walk in, and all the other people who walk in and go, ‘Where’d it go?’ are go ing to realize that they are being successful in trying to erase them.’

Subsequently, she stated, ‘We could do so much better than this. We’re not supposed to negotiate with terrorists.’

In addition, LeFevre slammed the retail store for ‘performative allyship.’ She claimed that it gave a fake sense of acceptance to her child when she witnessed the collection in the front.

LeFevre also warned the people in the caption of the video to not favor Target.

She remarked, ‘This is a billion-dollar company- if they really care, they can hire extra security but instead they chose to send the message that LGBTQ+ people aren’t worth protecting or fighting for.’

Meanwhile, the Canadian actress’ post comes after many mothers expressed their outrage at the retail giant on social media such as TikTok and Twitter.

If you didn’t know, a series of families have been complaining that Target puts clothes, books, and greeting cards related to transgender in its stores.

Which role did Rachelle LeFevre play in the Twilight series?

Rachelle LeFevre acted as an antagonist vampire named Victoria in Twilight and its sequel movie New Moon. 

Furthermore, in both films, she is seen alongside Cam Gigandet (who acts as James) and Edi Gathegi (who acts as Laurent).

Consequently, the trio tries to hunt down Bella Swan (acted by Kristen Stewart) while the family of Edward Cullen (acted by Robert Pattinson) attempts to save her.

Nevertheless, Rachelle is only featured in the first two parts of the romance fantasy series. Bryce Dallas Howard later replaced her in the third movie, Eclipse.


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