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Love, Victor recently aired its series finale on Hulu, and the entire series was also released on Disney+. Since this series was originally a spinoff of the movie, Love, Simon, there is always the potential for the franchise to carry on in a different way. That’s even truer since one of the creators, Issac Aptaker recently told, “It’s been a true pleasure getting to tell these stories for three seasons and a movie, and I would never say no (to) more.”

Love, Lucy

It only took a few awkward months living in Lake’s mom’s condo to convince Lucy to leave Atlanta, and follow through with her original plan to move in with her cousin in Portland. Even though it breaks her heart to leave Lake, Lucy wants to have a clean slate, away from her family drama, in a place where she can explore life after high school.

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A rainy and woodsy city with brand new people would provide a fresh setting for this franchise. Lucy could also have a favorite coffee house hangout, just like Simon and Victor. She would find new friends and love interests and discover new hobbies or a career path that suits her. Lucy might run into Simon’s old friends, Abby and Leah, or have a surprise visit from Lake or Benji.

Love, Benji

After he reunites with Victor on the Ferris wheel, Benji goes to boarding school in order to take time away from his father. Benji puts his sobriety first and reflects on his past mistakes with flashbacks to his time in rehab. Although he struggles to adjust to a new environment, he finds solace in his conversations with Victor through letters, emails, and texts.

Benji learns healthy ways to cope with his anxiety, including writing songs on his guitar. He plays acoustic sets at the coffee shop where he works on campus and tries to avoid the temptation of dorm parties. Benji is surprised to meet someone his age at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, but their fast friendship threatens his progress and his long-distance relationship with Victor.

Love, Isabel

Isabel and Armando are one of the most compatible couples on Love, Victor, because they have survived so many challenges together. When their new family business, Salazar Electricians leads to financial problems, it takes a toll on their marriage. They decide to downsize to a smaller apartment after Victor and Pilar leave for college, and Isabel comes across an old hat box filled with letters and mementos.

She finds postcards from her family, old love letters, and handmade cards from her children. As reality becomes too difficult to face, Isabel turns to her box of treasures for guidance. This series would feature flashbacks and new insights into Isabel and Armando’s relationship as teenagers, and young parents.

Love, Mia

Mia loves watching her baby brother Zahair grow up in Stanford, California and although she is happy to be around family, she still feels incomplete. The mom she barely knows is pursuing art abroad, and her boyfriend and closest friends are back in Atlanta. Mia doesn’t know where she belongs, but she knows she needs a change of scenery.

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Andrew and Mia go out of their way to make time for each other and keep their romance alive through love letters, video calls, and plans to see each other when school’s out. When Mia’s mom suddenly offers her a plane ticket so she can spend the summer in Paris, Mia must decide if she wants to make up for lost time with her mom, or with Andrew and her friends in Atlanta.

Love, Lake

Lake’s journey of self-discovery and self-love has been emotional through Love, Victor. After a heartfelt discussion, Lake realizes her mom’s harsh criticisms of her and her body were supposed to protect her from cruel treatment in the real world. Though this parenting technique is counterproductive, Lake and her mom, Georgina finally seem to be on the same page.

After Lake’s girlfriend Lucy graduates early and moves into Georgina’s condo, Lake must navigate the new dynamic between Lucy and Georgina. Lake writes emails to her best friend Mia in California, but when she’s not available, Lake turns to the one person who understands complicated mom issues the most, her ex-boyfriend, Felix.

Love, Felix

After a year of reconnecting with Pilar, making memories with his friends, and watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? with his mom, Felix sets off for college. He finally has a fresh start and decides to major in Psychology, so he can help people manage their mental health. Right before winter break starts, Felix gets a call from Victor, telling him his mom is in the hospital.

Felix rushes home to be by his mom’s side but discovers she is in a coma. While he waits for his mom to wake up, Felix grows closer to Pilar and the Salazar family, even going to church with Isabel. Felix is one of the most likable characters on Love, Victor because of his compassion for others, but when he gets overwhelmed with anxiety, Felix must learn how to love himself by accepting the help he needs.

Love, Rahim

Rahim knows he can’t hide his sexuality, which is why he keeps his guard up in public and wears designer jackets like body armor. His new boyfriend Connor is sweet and supportive, but whenever they go out on dates, Rahim can’t shake the feeling that something bad might happen to them.

As Rahim struggles to reconcile different parts of his identity, he prays for answers and finds a group for gay Muslim teens online. After Rahim confides in them, he feels like he is part of their community. They encourage Rahim to run for president of Creekwood High, but when he wins, he must do them a favor that could jeopardize his future.

Love, Liam

Liam gives off major Paris Gellar from Gilmore Girls energy, laser-focused on getting the best grades so he can become valedictorian, go to Harvard, and eventually become president. He makes snide comments about his classmates’ intelligence, and Victor and Felix quickly realize that Liam’s aggression might stem from hiding his sexuality.

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The next chapter in the franchise would follow Liam’s journey as he tries to balance his dating life, home life, and school work. Although his friendship with Victor got off to a rocky start, their bond could easily lead to Victor becoming Liam’s “Simon,” corresponding through emails and texts with advice, which would call back to the original premise of Love, Victor.

Love, Adrian

Victor and Pilar’s younger brother, Adrian has always been a curious and observant character. By the time Adrian enters Creekwood High, his siblings have already moved on, and his parents are trying to keep their marriage and business afloat. Pilar and Victor even offered to split the cost of Adrian’s therapy, and he takes them up on it.

In order to escape his parents’ fighting at home, Adrian pours himself into his role in the school play and makes new friends who help him channel his emotions into art. Adrian finds his voice through a series of letters he writes to younger and older versions of himself, and eventually, one very important letter to his family.

XOXO, Creek Secrets

The omnipotent presence that ties the whole franchise together, Creek Secrets would carry its very own spinoff, with a mystery tied around who runs the site, in a similar fashion to Gossip Girl, or Lady Whistledown on Bridgerton. The series would reveal the motives of the person who started it, how it is passed down, and all of the scandalous secrets that have never been revealed.

This spinoff would explore the effects of bullying through slanderous posts on social media. When lifelong friends start to question each other, they find solace in writing to alumni of Creekwood High. Creek Secrets has been known to out gay students, but as more people welcome the LGBTQ+ community, this gossip monger will have to find new stories to spin.

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