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Twitter Files Confirm: Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Censored ‘So That Donald Trump Would Not Be Reelected President’

Tucker Carlson on Friday night unleashed a scathing monologue on Elon Musk’s newly released ‘Twitter files.’

The Twitter files reveal critical insights into the decision-making around Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story in the weeks prior to the 2020 election. Veteran journalist Matt Taibbi documented Twitter’s internal communications and exchanges with Biden campaign staff and Democratic National Committee officials prior to the censorship campaign.

Carlson shredded the unconstitutional censorship campaign in a story he called “one of the most extraordinary moments in the history of social media.” Watch:

“One of the most extraordinary moments in the history of social media is unfolding right now as we speak,” Tucker said. “And it began when Elon Musk took control of Twitter.”

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“When he bought the company, he promised to reveal its corruption, the extent to which Twitter had engaged in politically motivated censorship, including the unlawful, the illegal censorship of American citizens at the direction of the US government,” he continued.

“Well, tonight, less than an hour ago, Musk began to make good on that promise,” he added. “Twitter shared a trove of internal documents with Matt Taibi of Substack. Those documents are coming out again as we speak, and what they prove so far is very serious. Those documents show a systemic violation of the First Amendment, the largest example of that in modern history. These documents show that among other things, political officials in the Democratic National Committee were directing censorship at Twitter ahead of the 2020 election.”

“One Twitter official wrote on October 24th, 2020 that he had received an additional report from the DNC,” Carlson went on. “So the DNC was telling Twitter what to pull off the site, and Twitter was complying next morning. To prove it, a Twitter official confirmed ... had been deleted.”

“I grabbed the first one that Twitter employee wrote,” he continued. “Twitter is also follow instructions directly from the Biden campaign. In the final days of the presidential campaign, one of the documents proves that officials on the Biden team routinely directed Twitter to remove posts that reflected poorly on Joe Biden, quote, ‘more to review from the Biden team.’ Read one internal email from a Twitter employee just days before the 2020 election. That email included a list of several Twitter accounts that had criticized Joe Biden, the reply handled, we just checked. Now, those accounts remain suspended today. So, Twitter was permanently censoring users at the request of the DNC and the Biden campaign.”

“That is new,” he added. “Many suspected it. Now, it has been absolutely confirmed by internal documents. And of course, the New York Post Twitter account was banned. Why? Because they had a story that might have changed the outcome of the 2020 election, and Twitter knew that perfectly well. They had accurate information about Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

“...’s reporting directly implicated Joe Biden and the Biden family in an ongoing scheme to sell influence to leverage Biden’s job as a government official to sell the prestige and the power of the US government to China and Ukraine,” he went on. “That scheme, that ongoing scheme that unfolded over years made the Biden family millions of dollars. 10% of that money was reserved, as you know, for ‘the Big Guy,’ meaning Joe Biden.”

“So that was information that might have changed the outcome of the election, and that is precisely why Twitter prevented its users from reading it,” Carlson said.

“Twitter went so far as to block its users from privately sharing the New York Post story on Twitter direct message,” he noted. “So anyone attempting to share the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop was told it was ‘unsafe.’ Now that measure preventing users from sharing information privately is something that Twitter reserves in normal circumstances, only in the most extreme cases… like stopping the transmission transmission of child pornography. But in this case, information that might have hurt Joe Biden’s chances of becoming president, were invoked and they were applied even to the sitting President’s press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Taibi writes, the decision was made at the highest levels of the company, but without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, with former head of legal policy and trust of Vijaya Gadde playing a key role. All suspected, now confirmed, now in public.”

“Twitter and its many allies and the rest of the media claimed that the New York Post story violated the hacked materials policy that Twitter had on its books,” Tucker added. “But internally at Twitter, everyone understood that was just a pretext. The laptop had not been hacked, and it wasn’t of Russian origin. And by the way, as of right now, it’s 8:04 Eastern time, there is no evidence in this ongoing thread from Matt Taibi that Twitter had received confirmation from the US government even that the laptop was fake or from Russia, they just made it up.”

“According to Taibi, one official admitted that hacking was the excuse,” Tucker said. “But within a few hours, pretty much everyone at Twitter realized that wasn’t going to hold, but no one had the guts to reverse it. One communications official at Twitter, Trenton Kennedy, wrote this quote, ‘I’m struggling to understand the policy basis for marking this. The laptop story is unsafe. Twitter’s former head of trust and safety, Yoel Roth, explained that Twitter had to censor the story so that Donald Trump would not be reelected president.”

This is an extraordinary scandal that makes Watergate look like child’s play. Big Corporations decided that they were going to pick the President of the United States instead of the American people.

The Twitter Files are the first inside glimpse at the Democrats’ unconstitutional efforts to ‘fortify’ the 2020 election. Musk promised that more Twitter Files are forthcoming soon.

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