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Tyler James Williams of Abbott Elementary discusses his “unique” view when it comes to working with child actors on the show

Not many child stars in Hollywood can say that they have transitioned into a successful adult career like Abbott ElementaryTyler James Williams. Before his brilliant role in the cult classic Everyone hates KrisAs a young child, Williams appeared in a variety of shows, including Saturday Night Live And the Sesame Street. Now, his career has completed a full turn as he plays first grade teacher Gregory Eddy, his character shaping and shaping young minds on the ABC sitcom. Williams’ experiences allowed him to bring his unique perspective to working with child actors on the show.

Williams Abbott Elementary The cast reclaimed the special relationship they had with the young cast since the first season. The special bond goes back to the Emmy Award nominee’s understanding and sympathy for the child actor’s experience. the walking Dead Talk to the guys Figs are popular About inviting student representatives at the fair to get acquainted with the craft.

now and later, [one of our child actors] He’ll ask a different question and you’ll see something in their eyes as they learn and realize that this is something they enjoy and might want to do. I have a very unique perspective. A lot of people would talk to them like they were kids, but I remember I was that kid. [I feel like]“No, explain it to them as if they were adults and they will get it, and they will understand it and they will respect you for it.”



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