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Tyrann Mathieu Girlfriend Sydni Paige Hops On Instagram To Reveal He Has A Finsta Account

The girl who is dating Tyrann Mathieu is spilling the beans with Sydni Paige revealing he has a fake Instagram account

The three-time All-Pro player went back to his hometown and signed with the New Orleans Saints in free agency last spring. This was a full circle moment for the player, who said he wasn’t ready to be in New Orleans because of all the distractions.

Tyrann Mathieu Girlfriend Sydni Paige Jumps On Instagram To Reveal He Has A Finsta Account

Peterson texted Tyrann Mathieu simple song lyrics by Drake to celebrate his return to the city he had left behind after signing the contract. “Just wait, I’m on my way home. That was big for him, man. I know how much Louisiana [and] New Orleans means to him,” Peterson said. Mathieu can stand at his locker now and say he “made it.”


But none of that would have happened if the team hadn’t given him a chance in 2013. Arizona. Yesterday’s Thursday Night Football game was between Mathieu’s first team and the New Orleans Saints. We found out some things on the same night, which was strange.

Tyrann Mathieu’s Girlfriend Sydni Paige Revealed Something That Went Viral!

Sydni Paige, who is dating Tyrann Mathieu, seems to have told everyone that the man known as the honey badger has a fake Instagram account. Finstas are fake Instagram accounts, in case you don’t know what they are. They are often used to hide things from a girlfriend.

“LOL. Tyrann Mathieu has a finsta. How old are we?? If you didn’t know finsta is a Instagram where you post things you wouldn’t  post on your public IG.”

Sydni erased the message quickly, but it was already too late. Also, the Finsta account has been taken away. Last night, Tyrann Mathieu’s new team, the Saints, lost 42-34 to his old team, the Panthers.

Who Is Sydni Paige? What About Her Career?

Tyrann Mathieu is dating the beautiful Sydni Paige Russell. Mathieu is a football player for the NFL team the Kansas City Chiefs. She was on the cheer team for the New Orleans Hornets, which is known as the Honeybees. In April 2013, she stopped working for them. In 2014, she joined the Phoenix Suns, where she wore the number 32 to match Mathieu’s jersey.

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