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Tyre Nichols Death: Video Reveals Black Motorist Waited 22 Minutes For Ambulance

There is a video coming forward that was released by Memphis city which tells that after being in his custody, a stretcher and ambulance take around 22 minutes to reach Tyre Nichols announced by an officer. In this video we can easily notice and hear that an officer is heard saying ‘He on something’ and now this video garnered a lot of attention on the internet on which so many people share their responses. Let us talk about some more information related to this video and also discuss in detail the whole information related to this incident.

According to the sources, This video shows that an ambulance and a stretcher took around 22 minutes for Nicholes after officers confirmed he was in custody. This video shows and defines the whole incident that how the beating incident happened to him and how the five former Memphis police officers. This incident was done on Thursday and this news became a topic of discussion. Now the five Memphis police officers are under custody and charged with second-degree murder of his death. He was in custody and this was announced by officers. On Wednesday, President Biden shared their responses to this video and express their sadness for his loss in this terrible incident.

What Happened To Tyre Nichols?

In this video, we can see the negligence of the ambulance, and somewhere in his death, this may be also the cause of his death. According to the lawyers that when he was on the ground from there his mother lives around 100 yards away. This video shows more that Memphis police kicks him two times, two baton strikes, and around five punches to his face but now this time garnered too much attention because the ambulance and a stretcher were 22 minutes late for him and why this kind negligence has done with him. There is not much information is coming out related to this incident and the police didn’t share more information about this incident.

After his death, his funeral event is set to take at 10:30 but this news is not confirmed yet and there are so many people expressing their sadness for his death. There are so many people who shared their responses to this video and various social media users express their anger on this video. This video is still running on the trends of the news and continues circulating on the internet. Stay connected with to read more articles related to the latest news and other news topics of the entire world.



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