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Tyre Nichols will soon have a skate park named after him in Memphis, Sacramento

It seems like Tyre Nichols’s name might soon be emblazoned in a skate park most likely in Memphis as well as Sacramento.

Here is everything you need to know.

A skate park to be named after Tyre Nichols

A representative for the City of Memphis reported to TMZ that the officials are currently in talks to name a skate park after Tyre Nichols.

Moreover, they revealed that Mayor Jim Strickland is discussing the idea with the City Council.

In addition, the media outlet claimed that Strickland and the City Council will conduct a meeting on Friday to go over the plans. 

They will also discuss whether to construct a new park in honor of Nichols or rename an existing park.

Additionally, clips of Nichols showing off his skateboarding skills are going around on social media following his tragic death.

Meanwhile, many users were quick to note that most of Nichols’ videos were seemingly filmed in Sacramento when he used to live there. He later moved to Memphis.

Tim Swanson, the City of Sacramento’s media and communications manager, talked to TMZ about their plans to honor Nichols’s legacy.

He mentioned that councilmember Lisa Kaplan, Mayor Darrell Steinberg, and City staff are teaming up with Nichols’s family to explore the best plan to honor him.

Tyre Nichols’s parents launch GoFundMe 

Tyre Nichols’s family has organized a memorial fund in his name to cover the cost of their medical health expenses.

However, Nichols’s mother RowVaughn Wells mentioned that some of the money for the fundraiser will be used to build a skate park for Nichols.

Besides that, Tony Hawk, one of the most popular skateboarders to exist, also raised money for Nichols’s GoFundMe page.

Additionally, he shared a clip of Nichols skating on his social media account. Hence, it seems like many people want him to be remembered with a skate park.

Attorney Ben Crump took to Twitter to address the unfortunate death of Nichols.

He wrote, ‘This is who Tyre Nichols was — a talented and dedicated skateboarder with SO much life left to live… He didn’t deserve to be tragically taken from his family and community! We will continue to fight for accountability for you Tyre!’

Wells talked about her son’s death in the description box of the fundraiser.

She said, ‘My son, Tyre Nichols, was pulled over for suspected ‘reckless driving’ on January 7, 2023.’

Moreover, she added, ‘During my son’s interaction with the police, they beat him beyond recognition until he became unconscious.’


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