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Ubisoft Reveals Tom Clancy's The Division Resurgence Gameplay



The Division Resurgence 6

Earlier this month, Ubisoft officially revealed Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence, and this week it’s revealing the first official look at gameplay. Ubisoft initially released its gameplay videos on July 13. And there are two videos to check out. One that goes over gameplay as a whole, and one focused more on the game’s new factions and stories.

For those who missed it, Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence is the upcoming mobile adaption of the popular loot shooter franchise. At first glance it looks and plays a lot like the PC and console version of The Division and The Division 2. But it is definitely not either of those games simply ported to mobile.

While it does take place in New York City and is set around the same time of both games, it has its own brand-new story. It’ll also include new weapons, gear, and new character classes.

The Division Resurgence gameplay reveals customizable controls and more

There’s still a lot that’s unknown about this upcoming Division game for mobile devices. But the walkthrough video paints an early picture of what to expect. While the video does show Alpha footage, it already looks quite good for being in early development. Players get an idea of what the game will offer in terms of scope.

Which is a fully explorable, open-world New York City. The game will offer customizable controls adapted for mobile devices and touchscreens. Putting “everything at the players’ fingertips.”

In the walkthrough, players are initially greeted by their character running around the base of operations. You can see hubs for crafting gear as well as weapons. Outside the base, you get a brief view of the world map. Familiar-looking 3D renders of buildings around the city populate the screen.

The character then heads off to the destination and almost immediately comes into contact with enemies. This is where you get a good look at how combat works. From simple gun play to slightly more involved class abilities like the seeker mines.

Players also get a quick look at the crafting menus. Where it appears there will be a decently sized array of build options for creating your preferred weapons. While it’s too early to tell if The Division Resurgence will be monetized into oblivion since it’s free-to-play, gameplay at least gives off a good first impression.



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