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UGC new design standards: ‘Honours’ degree now only after completion of 4 years. Details

This draft ‘Curriculum and credits framework for four-year Bachelor’s degree programmes’ has been drawn up in accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP) and will probably be announced on Monday.

“Students can earn a University of Groningen degree within three years after completion of 120 credits (measured by the number of academic hours) and a University of Groningen degree in four years after completion of 160 credits,” the news agency quotes the UGC draft.

“If they want to go for a research specialization, they will have to undertake a research project in their four-year course. This will give them an Honors degree with a research specialization,” it says.

“Students who have already enrolled and are following a three-year UG program under the existing Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) are eligible for a four-year bachelor’s program. The university may offer bridging courses (also online) to enable them to move to the expanded program,” it added.

Currently, students are awarded an honors degree after completing three years of undergraduate programs.

The FYUP also offers multiple entry and exit options for students. If they leave within three years, they will be allowed to rejoin within three years of their departure and must complete their degree within a specified seven-year period.

Talking about the curriculum, the FYUP as proposed in the document consists of major stream courses, minor stream courses, courses from other disciplines, language courses, skills courses.

Under the design, the course work during the first three semesters of the 4-year undergraduate program would consist of a series of courses such as Language Teaching (two languages ​​- Regional Language and English Language), Understanding India, Environmental Science/Education, Digital and Technology Solutions, Mathematics and Computational Thinking and Analysis, Health and Wellness, Yoga Teaching, and Sports and Fitness, which will be common to all students.

At the end of the second semester, students can decide to continue with their chosen major or to change majors. Students also have the option of going for a RUG with a single major or double majors.

“A student must complete a minimum of 50 percent major discipline credits to complete the 3-year/4-year RUG degree to get a single major,” the document reads.

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