UK citizens confront BBC ‘journalist’: ‘24,000 people came on boats this year, how many of them do we know?’

No answer was forthcoming, of course. The elites don’t have to answer to the peasants. They’re going to destroy the country because they know best, and lining their pockets and collecting their awards is what comes first, not the well-being of Britain’s revolting native population.

“BBC reporter Fiona Trott drowned out by hecklers during live Liverpool broadcast,” by Jon Sharman, Independent, November 15, 2021:

A BBC journalist’s live broadcast on the Liverpool hospital bombing was hijacked by hecklers who ranted about asylum seekers.

North of England correspondent Fiona Trott was drowned out by men shouting about migrants and refugees as she tried to give an update on the police investigation.

Men could be heard shouting, out of shot, with one saying: “Twenty-four thousand people came on boats this year, how many of them do we know?”

“Report the truth, we all know what happened,” yelled another.

Once the live feed was cut, studio newsreader Joanna Gosling told viewers police officers nearby had responded to help Ms Trott….

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