UK: Hundreds of child migrants from Afghanistan, Sudan, and Iran go missing from care system

How many of these migrants are really children? Many have been found in the past to be lying about their ages.

Regarding the actual children, how is this happening? Who is paying for unaccompanied children to get from Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran, Eritrea and Vietnam to Britain? For what purpose? What war is going on in Sudan, Iran, Eritrea and Vietnam, creating a refugee crisis that makes British authorities believe that they have a duty to take in these children? Or is there some other agenda at play here?

Regarding those who are disappearing and are Muslims, will any of them reappear as jihadis later? Can that possibility be definitively ruled it? It cannot, although Metro and British officials as well ignore it.

“Hundreds of child refugees go missing from care system after crossing Channel,” by Sam Petherick, Metro, October 23, 2021 (thanks to Henry):

Child refugees are feared to have slipped into the hands of traffickers and other criminals after arriving in Britain.

An investigation found the vulnerable minors went missing more than 700 times this year.

Many made a dangerous journey across the Channel while others arrived from countries including Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran, Eritrea and Vietnam.

Migrants as young as nine have disappeared from council care 744 times this year.

In one case, a 15-year-old Vietnamese boy was feared to have been forced into slavery after he was placed alone in a hotel by the Home Office and he disappeared overnight, the Times reports.

Another child refugee has been reported missing 159 times in just 12 months.

Experts said there are two common reasons for child refugees going missing. Some are trafficked to the UK and snatched as soon as they land and made to carry out illegal work like cannabis farming.

Others arrive hoping to make a new start but failures in their care, such as being placed alone in temporary hotel accommodation for weeks, leave them despondent and at risk of leaving and falling into the hands of criminals.

Local authorities said their services and ability to accommodate children were at breaking point after the military withdrawal from Afghanistan and record numbers of Channel crossings by small boats.

Responding to freedom of information requests, nearly every council responsible for caring for child refugees reported refugee children who had gone missing from their care….

It said 727 unaccompanied child migrants had been reported missing since 2015….

At least 5,000 child refugees were in care last year in Britain – a figure that has doubled in just nine years….

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