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UK: Muslim rape gang activity went on for decades, nothing was done for fear of being ‘Islamophobic’



Telford Muslim rape gang

1,000 girls in Telford alone, and this went on all over the country. Officials everywhere were afraid of being called “racist” and “Islamophobic,” so they did nothing and let it happen. Now they’re sorry, but still don’t speak honestly about the problem, which is rooted in Islam, not in being “Asian.” The Qur’an allows for the sexual enslavement of infidel women (4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). But no one, no one, in Britain dares talk about that, even now. And no corruption was found; no one lost his job. That’s reasonable. The corruption is in British society as a whole. The cowardly officials were just saving their own skin in accord with contemporary British societal norms.

“Telford child sex abuse went on for generations, inquiry finds,” BBC, July 12, 2022:

Obvious evidence of child sex crimes in Telford was ignored for generations leading to more than 1,000 girls being abused, an inquiry has found.

Agencies blamed children for the abuse they suffered, not the perpetrators, and exploitation was not investigated because of “nervousness about race”.

The inquiry was set up after the Sunday Mirror revealed gangs had been abusing girls in the town since the 1980s.

Chairman Tom Crowther QC said the abuse had thrived unchecked for decades….

Other key report findings include:

Teachers and social workers being discouraged from reporting abuse

Offenders becoming “emboldened” by the absence of police action, with abuse continuing for years without concerted response

Exploitation was not investigated because of nervousness about race, that investigating concerns against Asian men, in particular, would inflame “racial tensions”

Even after an investigation leading to seven men being jailed for child sex crimes West Mercia Police and Telford & Wrekin Council scaled down their specialist teams “to virtual zero” in order to save money…

Within schools, it said, there was a “reluctance” to report concerning activity without “concrete proof” which was an “overly cautious approach”, while “obvious” indicators like absences and changes in behaviour went unremarked by school staff.

The report said, in the most recent figures from the first six months of 2020, police received 172 referrals related to child exploitation.

The “dreadful, life altering crime has not gone away – in Telford or elsewhere,” the report said….

In his statement, Mr Crowther said he looked back as far as 1989 to draw his conclusions, but had heard from victims exploited as long ago as the 1970s….

Following the inquiry’s publication, survivor Joanne Phillips, who gave evidence said: “Victims were being identified as child prostitutes. Once you have been convicted that label will never leave you….

Assistant Chief Constable Richard Cooper, of West Mercia Police, said he would like to say sorry to the survivors and all those affected in Telford.

“While there were no findings of corruption, our actions fell far short of the help and protection you should have had from us, it was unacceptable, we let you down. It is important we now take time to reflect critically and carefully on the content of the report and the recommendations that have been made,” he said….

The Rev Keith Osmund-Smith, is part of the Street Pastors in Telford, a group of volunteers who work to help keep people safe while out at night.

While working as West Mercia Police’s chaplain, he went on sabbatical after he told a national newspaper he doubted if information passed to West Mercia Police officers about child sex exploitation was always acted on….

“It is still happening and there is still no room for complacency, I think we are much better equipped to deal with it.”…



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