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UK: nearly 1000 more illegal Muslim migrants enter Britain via English Channel this month



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Report after report about illegal Muslim migrants flooding into the UK via the English Channel come in on a near-daily basis, with no end in sight. Nearly a thousand more have entered Britain since the start of the new year. All eyes are now on Boris Johnson, who was said to be deploying the military to stop the enduring free-for-all. But his move wasn’t prompted by concern for national security, safety or the economic concerns. Nothing like that prods Johnson to do anything. It’s to save his own political skin, because his approval levels are bottoming out.

“Nearly 1,000 migrants have arrived in UK ALREADY this year after 168 landed in Dover on six boats yesterday including one that came perilously close to P&O ferry,” by James Robinson, MailOnline, January 19, 2022:

A total of 168 migrants crossed the English Channel yesterday, bringing the number of small boat arrivals in the UK to almost 1,000 so far this year.

Six boats were intercepted by Border Force officials and brought to the Port of Dover on Tuesday, according to the Home Office.

One small boat carrying dozens of people, including children, came perilously close to a P&O ferry while making the dangerous journey across the Channel – the world’s busiest shipping lane.

Meanwhile, French authorities intercepted three further crossings involving 126 people.

And this morning 25 people were escorted into the Port of Dover on board a Border Force vessel shortly before 9am.

The latest crossings bring the total number of migrants arriving in the UK by small boats to nearly 1,000 already this year.

Last year saw a record 28,381 people cross the Channel in small boats. But it was not until mid-February when the number of migrant crossings reached 1,000.

Officials have told Home Secretary Priti Patel that 65,000 people could cross the Channel in 2022 – more than double last year’s total.

Some MPs have called for an end to the migrants crossings, which they have described as ‘incredible unsafe’, while campaigners have urged the Government to open safe channels and commit to resettle 10,000 people in the UK each year.

It comes as ministers were yesterday warned that plans to use the Royal Navy to solve the Channel migrant crisis would result in the senior service being turned into a ‘taxi service’.

Meanwhile plans to fly migrants to Africa were left in tatters after Ghana, one of the countries officials said to be in talks with the UK Government, said they knew nothing about it.

Ministers were said to be drawing up proposals which would see people arriving illegally in the UK sent abroad for processing and resettlement, with the west African nation and Rwanda named.

But in a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Accra said it did not want to get involved in what it called ‘Operation Dead Meat’ – a detraction of the Tory party’s ‘Operation Red Meat’ plan to save under fire Boris Johnson…..




The covid’s hospital cases have plummeted




The number of people with covid in Devon hospitals has fallen sharply again in the last month.

Nearly 50 beds across the county are now occupied by patients with the virus, Health Chief Dr. Paul Johnson revealed – an 80 percent reduction over last month.

At a meeting of local Devon team leaders on Tuesday, May 24, NHS Clinical Commissioning Group’s clinical chairman said only one patient was in the intensive care unit, adding that he is “much less than one in ten.” [proportional to the population size] which we had at the highest peak. “

Dr. Johnson said he “proves it [covid] does not cause the severity of the disease we have seen before. “

The decline continues in a significant downward trend in both cases and hospitalizations since the end of March, when hospital cases peaked at record levels of around 500 people.

Dr Paul Johnson, Clinical Chairman of the NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group – Credit: NHS Devon CCG

After nearly two years of varying degrees of public health action, including three national locks, all legal restrictions on the covid ended in February.

The absenteeism of NHS staff also fell, the meeting said. At the peak, more than half of the absences were associated with the virus, but now it has dropped to 17 percent.

Dr Johnson revealed that 302 employees across Devon were out of work due to the covid, which he said was “much less than it has been for a relatively long time.”

A month ago, more than 600 people did not work due to covid problems. The rate of absences peaked at the beginning of April and exceeded one thousand.

Based on data from the ONS infection survey, it is estimated that about one in 45 people had covid in Devon in the week to Friday 13 May, slightly more than the English estimate of one in 55, although both figures are declining.



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MDB officially nominates Simone Tebet as presidential candidate



Simon Tebet The Democratic Center does not score a goal

Photo: Disclosure / MDB

During the consultation held today in the national executive of the Ministry of Nature Protection. The acronym officially announced the candidacy of Senator Simone Tebet (MS) to challenge the Presidency of the Republic with the PSDB և Cidadania.

Yesterday, as we showed, Former governor Joao Doria has resigned from his post at Planato Palace. The gesture was considered essential for the formation of an alliance between the three parties.. Citizenship has not yet officially expressed its support for Tebet. The PSDB will meet early next month to discuss the issue.

“We guarantee it [que Tebet sairá candidata]»– PSDB President Balea Rossi emphasized. “More than 90% of ADB openly supports our candidate.”added the IDB President.

“I think it is very important that the IDB can have its candidacy. The MDB should be able to share what it’s advocates in the economic, political and social programs of Brazilian society. We have a history, that history must be shown. “added former Senator Romero Huca (RR).

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