UK: Suicide bombing on Remembrance Day a ‘terror incident,’ but motive ‘yet to be understood’

Is there no limit to the suicidal foolishness and willful ignorance of British officials? The perp had an explosive belt strapped on. Who does that? If it’s a terror incident, in what way is the motive not yet understood? Of course, British officials do everything they possibly can to avoid understanding the jihad imperative, so in saying that it’s terrorism but the motive is not understood, they actually speak truth.

“Liverpool Women’s Hospital explosion declared a terror incident,” BBC, November 15, 2021:

An explosion outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Remembrance Sunday has been declared a terror incident by police.

A taxi exploded and was engulfed in flames just before 11:00 GMT at a drop-off zone near the entrance, killing the passenger and injuring the driver.

The cabbie, named locally as David Perry, was declared a hero by Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson for locking the suspect inside the vehicle.

Four men have been arrested in the city in connection with the incident.

The motivation for the attack was “yet to be understood”, police said….

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