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UK: Teen converts to Islam, plots jihad massacre at Justin Bieber concert

Authorities remain completely indifferent to the recurring phenomenon of converts to Islam somehow falling prey to the crazy idea that their new religion commands violence against unbelievers.

Interesting to see the hopeless “journalist” Lizzie Dearden at the Daily Mail. For years she has been with the Independent, covering jihad terrorists while steadfastly toeing the Leftist line that they have nothing whatsoever to do with authentic Islam. The equally ridiculous Daily Mail has been repeating the same Big Lie, of course, so she fits right in, although one wonders how uncomfortable she must be in a putatively “far right” setting.

“The baby-faced fanatic inspired by Jihadi John to unleash terror at a Justin Bieber concert in Cardiff… Just one of the thousands of under-the-radar lone wolf terrorists radicalised online that a chilling new book says MI5 is struggling to track,” by Lizzie Dearden, Daily Mail, March 11, 2023:

Lloyd Gunton was not a typical Islamist terrorist. The 17-year-old farmer’s son lived in the Welsh valleys with his Christian parents.

His sole knowledge of fighting jihad – a holy war – had been gleaned from his computer.

Yet the freckle-faced teenager had a butcher’s knife and a heavy claw hammer in his school rucksack, alongside a handwritten martyrdom letter proclaiming: ‘I am a soldier of the Islamic State.’

Inspired by Isis terrorists, his motivation for violence was to wreak revenge for British air-strikes on the Middle East.

From the confines of his bedroom, Gunton had planned to launch a deadly attack on a Justin Bieber concert in Cardiff on a balmy June evening six years ago. But his plot was foiled in the nick of time.

Just hours before 40,000 Bieber fans arrived at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, armed police – acting on information from the security services – burst into Gunton’s farmhouse near Llantrisant, South Wales, and arrested the would-be killer.

Gunton came to the attention of security services after boasting of his plan on Instagram.

Using the name ‘Alqaeds’, he wrote: ‘Cardiff, are you ready for our terror… May Allah bring terrorism to Cardiff.’

Posts also included a picture of the Welsh capital’s castle, an image of a Jeep, a knife, a bomb and a fluttering Isis flag.

He had even posted instructions on launching vehicle attacks, copied from Isis’s translated propaganda magazine….



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