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Umbrella, broom have bred poverty, vote human being, Obi tells supporters

By: Òsárétín Òsádébàmwén – Abuja

The Presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP), Mr Peter Obi has said that Nigerians’ trust in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) has only bred more poverty in the country and enthrone pain among the citizens.

He charged Nigerians to ensure that they use the opportunity of February 25 to vote in the Labour Party which has human as its symbol to build a better Nigeria.

Obi who addressed supporters at the Abuja Mega rally told the crowd that the Nigeria needs sensitive leaders to listen to their plights and respond appropriately and the human symbol of the Labour Party was a good signal of listening party.

According to him, “You voted for Umbrella, he leaves suffering to hold you.

You voted for broom, same poverty, now let us vote for human being so we can start progressing.

“We care about Mama, we care about Papa, we care about pikin. That is the beginning of your life, our commitment is total.

Obi said: “I and Datti are saying hold us responsible for a new Nigeria.  We will change this Nigeria and give you exactly how many, the growth of Nigeria is annually. We will stop all this stealing. None of us has stolen money from government, our record is clear.

He said the election of February 25 was purely based on competence character truth.

“This is the first time in Nigeria, Labour party is presenting to you what has not happened before, we are going to offer you National Chairman, Presidential Candidate and Vice Presidential candidate, the three most important people in this Journey are all born after Independence if you take the average age of three of us is 65 years old.

“Let me tell you if you check the other one, the other two main parties their average age is over 70 just to give you an example APC candidate is 75 PDP candidate is 71 our own is 52,  20 years difference, Chairman of the three parties 75, 71 and 52.

“So you can see for the other candidate, I do not want to say anything, because some of them self, we do not know their age,” Obi stated.

He further stated that “This election will be by competence. We want people who are competent, we want people who have the capacity, we want people who have compassion, so they know when people are suffering. We cannot continue the way we are going now people are suffering now. It is impossible.

Obi charged Nigerian to collect any money offered for vote buying and still go ahead to vote the LP because the money being offered was of the common wealth.

He said Nigerian you are the ones running the 2023 election and they must use the opportunity to take back Nigeria and get the opportunity to work in the massive land of the North on agricultural revolution.

“They told you I am stingy, because they have stolen all the money. That is what they want, they want all to buy your vote with your money.

“Make I tell you something, is they give you money, take am ma your money, vote for us.

“If they give you money, na your money, me, all I am promising you, is that a new Nigeria is possible.

The Mega rally which had senior members of the big tent in attendance was held at the Area 10 parade ground after a tour of the city from Dei-Dei in the Abuja Municipal Area Council.

“Since 2012 the number of Nigerians that are wallowing in poverty is 65million today it is 80, multidimensional poverty which is in 80 and 90m is 133 million.

“Unemployment was 16% today is 35% everything home down. That is what we want to reverse. Young people In Nigeria do not know where the next meal will come from. We have Hugh level of youth unemployment.

“We will employ our youth. We will make them productive. That vast land in the North, where our youths will be engaged and our youth would be productive, Nigeria would feed itself

“We do not want excuses again that are what Datti and I are offering you. Join us support us to build a new Nigeria that is possible.




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