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Umo Eno: Group commends Akwa Ibom elders for dropping antagonism

From Joe Effiong, Uyo

A prominent socio-political organization, Good Governance Advocates Group (GGAG), has commended some political elders in Akwa Ibom State for finally seeing reasons to drop their ethnic jingoism of pretending to be preaching some vague zoning fairness.

Speaking with the press in Uyo on Thursday, the organising secretary of the group, Mr Anietie Udo-Udofia, said the group has watched with dismay the indecorous exhibition of hate speeches, embers of disunity and attempts to hoodwink the youth of the state to join in a fight which they neither knew the origin nor would be partakers of any possible positive outcome.

‘It was very shameful to watch and listen to our hitherto revered political elders and leaders become vanguards of personal attack on Pastor Umo Eno, simply because he wasn’t their preferred aspirant which they had prepared to benefit from when such a person eventually becomes the governor of our dear state.

‘Suddenly, mini-zoning, micro-zoning and all other interest-laden political jargons were thrown up as altruistic and patriotic gesture attempts to hackneyed justice, equity and fair play whereas all were poisoned chalice for the ignorant to gobble and follow them blindfolded.

‘We thank God today that such frenzy has given or appears to have given way to some sense of reason because the election is not often won on the platform of deceitful propaganda alone, but also with issues of facts, proper political direction and sincere enlightenment of the masses,’ GGAG said.

They said even though they would not say Pastor Umo Eno “is our socio-political and economic elixir that would state to the cables El-Dorado”, he however remains the best among those who have so far indicated interest to be the next governor of Akwa Ibom State.

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‘It would amount to a serious political risk if an incumbent governor or even president avoids their inalienable right of appointing who they feel would continue with their development package, simply because some people would not like the person to be so chosen.

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‘Chief Nduese Essien had even said it: and we quote: ‘Gov Udom Emmanuel has the inalienable right to make a choice, as an individual and more so, as a sitting Governor. His choice at this level does not represent the anointing imposition or insult to Akwa Ibom State where there will be primaries and subsequent elections.

‘It does not also make the Governor a “dictator” with other unprintable names. The governor’s choice or preference has only alienated the other aspirants and their supporters who are not so chosen. This is the ultimate outcome in making choices or preferences.

‘The Governor’s choice before the primary election is not the final position in the election. All the other aspirants and their supporters still have an option to accept the governor’s choice or continue to press their luck to be chosen at the next level and thus nullify the preference of the governor.’

The GGAG spokesman, who is a law practitioner, appealed to political leaders in the state that now that “sanity seems to have prevailed over the unrighteous angry sentiments”, they should go back into the field and work for the success of their preferred aspirants, or do the most honourable thing by queueing behind Pastor Umo Eno for peace and progress of the state.



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