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Unification, Youth Empowerment, and More: What Tinubu Must Take Seriously for APC to Remain in Power for 40 Years -By Ismaheel Taofeeq Adisa

The promotion of financial inclusion and access to credit for individuals and small businesses could provide an additional pathway out of poverty. Micro-finance programs are being pursued by the government to expand financial services such as savings, payments, credit, insurance, and remittances for the poor.

As the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has a vested interest in ensuring that his party remains in power for a very long time. To achieve this monumental goal, he must take certain factors into account.
First and foremost, he must prioritize unification. He must bridge the current gaps between different groups, both within and outside of the APC, and promote a sense of shared identity and common purpose.
Tinubu must ensure that all members of the APC remain loyal and on message.
This can be achieved through inclusive policies that are tailored to meet the needs of all Nigerians.
Next, Tinubu must focus on youth empowerment by providing young people with better education, career opportunities, and job opportunities. He should also promote social justice by fighting against corruption and rewarding hard work and dedication.
Finally, Tinubu must practice moderation when it comes to using social media as a tool for political campaigning. It is important to use this platform constructively to educate citizens on various policies without making inflammatory statements or spreading false information.

Unification in Nigeria to Secure APC’s Power Base

As a leader of one of the major political parties in Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress (APC) need to focus on unifying the country to remain in power for 40 years. This means avoiding extreme stances on social subjects and promoting discussion and dialog between different nations, ethnicities, and religions within Nigeria.
Tinubu can also start by ensuring that each region of Nigeria is given fair representation in its administration and guaranteeing equal opportunities for all regions. He should be aware of the different nuances between different groupings and work towards addressing these through equal access to education, employment opportunities, and health services. Furthermore, ensuring fairness in government appointments will go a long way toward fostering a sense of unity among Nigerians.
Ultimately, Tinubu must strive to create an environment where every Nigerian feels equally valued regardless of religion, ethnicity, or social economic status. By doing this his administration will be able to protect the APC power base and ensure that they remain in office for at least another 40 years.

Empowering the Youth of Nigeria for a Brighter Future

The youth constitute the most influential population group in Nigeria, and thus the need for their empowerment couldn’t be overstated. Investing in the youths’ education and health would yield great dividends for the nation. Tinubu should follow through on some of his campaign promises such as providing employment opportunities and fostering entrepreneurship among them. By doing so, they will become productive members of society who can contribute to economic growth, improved security, and national unity.
Moreover, Tinubu should introduce programs to invest in technology and digital knowledge so that the youths can benefit from new opportunities involving Artificial Intelligence (AI). These programs should also include skill acquisition for job readiness. This would equip the youths with employable skills that will improve their livelihoods, give them more job opportunities, raise their incomes, and foster nationalism.
Finally, Tinubu should introduce reforms to support youth-led initiatives such as stimulating youth political participation by creating an enabling environment for young people to express themselves and create meaningful impact in politics. This will help them discover their potential and unlock it for greater effectiveness and productivity in nation-building.

Security, Fight Corruption, and Social Injustice Strategies

On the security side, Tinubu needs to tackle the issue of kidnapping, armed robbery, and other criminal activities. To do this, he needs to focus on strengthening law enforcement systems across the country, by increasing funding for police forces and improving their technology. This includes providing adequate training and equipment to help them in their fight against crime. Tinubu must also deploy a robust anti-corruption strategy that will lead to greater transparency and accountability in government processes.
Moreover, Tinubu should look into strategies to tackle social injustice in Nigeria, such as addressing gender inequality and providing equal access to education and healthcare for all. He can achieve this by introducing measures such as affirmative action policies, gender-sensitive budgeting, increasing employment opportunities for those most at risk of discrimination, and having a zero-tolerance policy on all forms of prejudice.

Moderation to the Use of Social Media and Political Platforms

The prevalence of social media has changed the way politics works, with newer and more influential platforms now playing a large role in the political sphere. To ensure the success of his administration and that of APC for the next 40 years, Tinubu must master the art of using social media and other political platforms while remaining moderate in his approach.
As a powerful tool, Tinubu should use social media, especially Twitter, to communicate his messages effectively, as well as to correct misinformation spread by detractors. He would also have to stay aware of what is trending among other political parties so that he can respond appropriately and counter false narratives being spread about his party.
Additionally, Tinubu should communicate with members of his party regularly to convey information on activities, policy proposals, and other issues. Social media can also be used to gather feedback from citizens quickly and efficiently. This is an invaluable resource for any leader implementing effective policy changes.
By understanding the power of social media communication, Tinubu would be able to build support for APC’s platform across Nigeria and beyond its borders over the next 40 years.

Setting Living Standards High Enough to Reduce Poverty and Improve Quality of Life

For APC to remain in power for 40 years, Tinubu must take steps to set a high enough standard of living and quality of life that poverty is drastically reduced. This can be achieved in several viable and sustainable ways, such as:

Investment in Education

Investment in education is essential to enable young Nigerians to have access to better job opportunities and improved earning potential. This will enable them to contribute back to the Nigerian society and help to reduce poverty.

Promotion of Financial Inclusion

The promotion of financial inclusion and access to credit for individuals and small businesses could provide an additional pathway out of poverty. Micro-finance programs are being pursued by the government to expand financial services such as savings, payments, credit, insurance, and remittances for the poor.

Improved Private Sector Opportunities

Creating incentives for private businesses would attract more investors into Nigeria who could create employment opportunities and wealth within the economy. By providing an attractive economic environment for businesses, Tinubu could increase economic growth – reducing inequality in the country.

To reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in Nigeria. This is especially important given the fact that 63% of Nigerians live below the poverty line.
The following actions must be taken, to affect this change:

Increasing access to healthcare and comprehensive social protection for citizens, including health insurance, pensions, and unemployment benefits.

Establishing free, high-quality education in communities throughout Nigeria, from primary to tertiary level

Investing in infrastructure and technology to expand access to essential services such as clean water and sanitation

Strengthening social safety nets for vulnerable populations such as women, youth, and persons with disabilities

Facilitating economic growth through structural reforms such as reform of land rights and taxation

Improving agricultural production through a combination of agronomic practices and innovation

Reducing inequality by ensuring equal access to employment opportunities or income-generating activities

Reconciliation With Political Rivals: The Key to Longterm Power

An important element of ensuring Tinubu’s ability to make APC remain in power for 40 years is the reconciliation and cooperation with rivals of the same party – something that he must take seriously and act on soon. This concept of cohesion is central to the idea of unification, as it would go a long way toward making APC one strengthened, unified political party.
Furthermore, Tinubu can use reconciliation as a tool to address the growing tensions among youth, giving them something to rally behind and invest their energy into. This can also create an atmosphere where different voices can be heard in policymaking by showing them that differences of opinion are not just accepted but appreciated.
Finally, unity within a party will be beneficial in creating an atmosphere for fighting corruption and social injustice– two elements that are all too common in Nigerian governments. With enemies becoming allies due to unification, all members of APC will likely become more aware and proactive in their fight against corruption and injustice, ultimately leading to a government that is accountable to its people and serves their needs annually.


As the nation faces the challenge of moving forward under the leadership of the All Progressives Congress, Tinubu must take the four areas mentioned in this article– unification, youth empowerment, security, fight against corruption and social injustices, and moderation to the use of social media–seriously. He needs to prioritize these four areas to ensure that the APC remains in power for an additional 40 years. Doing so will not only extend the party’s power and influence but will also ensure greater unity and order in Nigeria.



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