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Unwelcome 2: Will There be a Sequel?

Directed by Jon Wright, ‘Unwelcome’ is a horror movie that uses folklore and home invasion genres to tell a horrifying tale of violence. It is based on a story Wright co-wrote with Mark Stay, with the latter penning the screenplay. The film revolves around a young couple, Maya and Jamie, who move to the Irish countryside after inheriting a large house. However, the couple’s life is threatened when they encounter hostile townsfolk and terrifying creatures that lurk in the woods. If you enjoyed the movie’s use of horror to explore human behavior and its relation to violence and primal instincts, you must be looking for news about a sequel. In that case, allow us to share everything we know about the possibility of a sequel to ‘Unwelcome.’

Will Unwelcome 2 Happen?

‘Unwelcome’ was released by Warner Bros Pictures in the United Kingdom theaters on January 27, 2023. The film was initially slated for a theatrical release on February 4, 2022, but had to be postponed to October 28, 2022. However, it was once again moved to its aforementioned release date. The film was released in the United States on March 10, 2023, before receiving a VOD release on March 14, 2023. It became available to subscribers of the streaming service Shudder on June 23, 2023. The film received mixed reviews from critics, praising its themes and atmosphere but criticism directed at its overall execution.

With regards to a second installment that could potentially continue the story, we have some exciting updates. Director Jon Wright has expressed an interest in developing a sequel to the movie. However, Wright was also cautiously optimistic about the chances of a sequel materializing. He explained that the possibility of a sequel would rest on the movie’s commercial and audience reception. Nonetheless, in an interview, Wright revealed a rough idea for a second installment that would focus on the distant relatives of the Whelan family and introduce giants from Irish folklore.

However, the movie’s producers haven’t announced any immediate plans for a sequel. Moreover, with the movie proving to be a box office failure, chances of a sequel getting greenlit seem bleak. Nonetheless, a sequel could be announced if the movie proves to be popular among viewers after its streaming debut on Shudder. As a result, there is a slight chance of a sequel materializing. Assuming production on a prospective sequel commences by the end of 2023, ‘Unwelcome 2’ could arrive on our screens in Q1 of 2024, at the earliest.

If a second installment is officially announced, most of the main cast members, such as Hannah John-Kamen (‘Brave New World‘), Douglas Booth (‘My Salinger Year‘), and Colm Meaney (‘Pixie‘), are unlikely to reprise their roles given the direction Jon Wright wants to take the sequel in. Instead, we will likely see fresh faces playing a new set of characters. The first film revolves around a young couple, Maya and Jamie, learning about the existence of Redcaps, little goblin-like creators with a murderous streak.

For the sequel, Wright has expressed an interest in introducing the Fomorians or Fomori, a supernatural race of giants in Irish mythology. Wright explained that in the sequel, he would like to explore the home invasion subgenre with giants invading a family’s house instead of the Redcap “Little People” from the first movie. He also stated that the second movie’s narrative would revolve around “Daddy” Whelan’s brother, who resides in America, trying to claim the Whelan family inheritance only to run into the Fomorians.

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