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UPDATE: Bus Driver & Another Adult Face Battery Charge After Viral Video Shows Violent Altercation At Bus Stop

An elementary school bus driver has been charged with battery after a viral video showed her refusing to let students off at their stop. The incident, which turned violent, also led to a 28-year-old woman being arrested and charged with the same offense.

The Arrest Of Crystal Dawn Johnson And Ta’mara Tyisha Aborn

Forty-three-year-old Crystal Dawn Johnson and 28-year-old Ta’mara Tyisha Aborn were both arrested and charged with battery, as reported by WSB-TV However, both women have since bonded out of jail.

According to the outlet, authorities have not confirmed how the women were involved in the incident. But Fox 5 Atlanta has since reported that Johnson is the woman seen driving the bus during the confrontation.

Paulding County School district informed the outlet that Johnson was “filling in” for a driver who “called out sick.” In a statement, the district explained that Johnson was “trying to manage the release of younger students.” This led to a “backup” and frustrated parents waiting at the busy intersection.

Frustration only continued to build as the driver “refused to let certain students off the bus without their proper backpack identification tags,” as reported by WSB-TV.

The Bus Stop Incident Turned Violent And Went Viral

According to WSB-TV, the incident escalated when parents stepped on the bus to get their children. Then, one parent is seen slapping the bus driver. After, the bus driver closes the door to the vehicle and drives off. The children on board can be heard screaming and seen hanging out of windows trying to get off.

Another video shows a parent, allegedly, using their vehicle to block the bus at the intersection. The emergency door at the back of the bus is opened and children are seen frantically running off.


here is the other angle, the kids did open the emergency door but someone closed it #fyp #pauldingcountygeorgia

♬ original sound – si si ❤️?

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, authorities have also not revealed what led to their decision to charge Johnson. Additionally, the 43-year-old has since been suspended from her bus route by the district.



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