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(UPDATE) Why I dumped APC ―​​ Buhari’s inlaw, Sha’aban

The All Progressives Congress (APC) aspirant for Kaduna in the 2023 gubernatorial election, Alh Sani Mahmud Sha’aban who is also President Muhammadu Buhari’s inlaw has dumped the party.

Sha’aban’s son Muhammad Turad married the third daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, Hanan Buhari, on September 4, 2020. 

In a written statement to the chairman, APC Hanwa Ward, Sabon Garin LGA and read by the Director General Sha’aban Sani Campaign Organisation, Joshua Danladi Ephairam, on Monday, noted that he decided to leave the party because some elements in the party in the state have hijacked the party structure and turned it into their personal estate to serve their personal greed and avarice. 

He alleged that these elements have turned the party only for the benefit of only their families, friends and cronies. 

“They have no regard whatsoever for the feelings, yearnings, and sensibilities of even the many members of the party who supported them and the general populace of Kaduna State.” 

However, he contended that his stance, “On good governance, rule of law, social justice and equity has caused us to be treated with disdain and seen as a pariah to those who personally benefit from the skewed realities presently in the party. 

He added that “My many admonitions, advice, protests, actions, and best efforts at salvaging the party to bring it back into focus to achieve the set objectives of forming the party have been severally ignored by you. 

“There is, however, a limit to what I can do as a member of the party. I believe I have in all conscience before God, done my possible best to stave off the inevitable but to no avail.”

The APC aspirant then stated that “I have come to the firm conclusion and resolve that in all good conscience, I cannot remain a member of APC under the present state of affairs where the interest of the majority has little regard.

“I cannot remain in the APC when the party has no respect for the rule of law and simplest of the laws of the land.”

Sha’aban declared, “Therefore, effective immediately, I officially and formally resign my membership of the APC at all levels from 28th November, 2022.” 

He thanked the party for the opportunity given to him to participate in the activities and affairs of the party while he was a member.

On his next step, he said he is still consulting with his people, saying he would soon declare where he and his supporters would pitch their tent.





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