Urgent. Toffol rejects Bolsonaro’s request for investigation into Alexandre de Moraes

Photo by Rossini Coutinho / SCO / STF

STF Minister Diaz Toffoli has just denied the rumors about the crime, which were presented by President Jair Bolsonaro to investigate the case. and Minister Alexandre de Moraes for the crime of abuse of power.

Yesterday, as we recorded, the President of the Republic He filed a criminal complaint for Moraes’s investigation. In the article, he accuses the Supreme Minister of regular attacks on democracy, disrespect for the Constitution, contempt for fundamental rights and guarantees. Bolsonaro also classifies as: “Unfounded” in the matter of false news.

as expected the opponentDiaz Toffoli has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Bashar al-Assad have been made more than once.

“The democratic state of law imposes obligations on everyone, the attempt to change roles does not seem in line with the above statement, turning the judge into a defendant for the simple fact of being a judge.”declared Toffol.

“By the way, it should be noted that the objections presented in these protocols, in theory, could not even be a problem related to the suspect’s suspicion, including taking into account the warning mentioned in the article. Article 256 of the Criminal Procedure Code, in the sense that “a suspicion may not be declared or recognized when a party harms a judge or intentionally gives grounds for its creation.”added the judge.

In the same sense, it should be noted that appeals by Supreme Court judges against actions taken during an investigation or criminal trial are considered by a Collegiate, who even had the opportunity to address some of the issues discussed here, rather than admitting that the ‘criminal news’ They are used as a substitute for an appeal or as a means of reviving a problem that has already been assessed by this Supreme Court. ”concluded Toffol.

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