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Van Nuys woman says homeless man stays camping on her porch, refuses to leave

VAN NUYS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A woman in Van Nuys calls for police to investigate after a man she says is homeless continues to make a bed on her porch and refuses to leave.

Shacola Thompson, who lives near Sherman Way and Hazeltine Avenue, tells Eyewitness News that the man has been seen at her home at least 10 times in the past month.

“I’m concerned about my safety,” she said.

She first realized something strange was going on when she saw graffiti on her wall after returning from a trip.

She looked at her doorbell camera and saw that the man had become a regular.

She said on Thursday that the police had been called twice.

“He came to my house yesterday morning and tried to break in!” said Thompson.

Thompson shared several videos from her Ring camera, which captured several of those police encounters.

“Do you know this person?” asks the officer Thompson through the camera.

“I don’t know him,” Thompson hears answers. “I don’t know this person. He’s snooping around here; this is the second time I’ve had to call him. He tagged my wall.”

Thompson claims the man keeps coming back.

“He told the police yesterday that he lives here and not here,” Thompson said. ‘I do not know him. I don’t know this man.’

Police confirm that they have asked the unidentified man not to return to the property. They said they warned him that if he came back he would be arrested. One of the videos shows the man putting on handcuffs.

But Thompson is frustrated that the police aren’t doing more to stop the man from returning to her door. She is afraid that he may become violent.

“I just feel like they’re not taking this seriously,” Thompson said of the police. “They don’t take my safety seriously. I live here. I am alone.’

“He could come in. He could harm me,’ she said. “He could invade my house. It’s not fair.’

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