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‘Vanderpump Rules’: Homewrecker Raquel Leviss ‘Loves This New Version’ of Herself

Vanderpump Rules stars Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval’s illicit affair recently made headlines, and it was revealed their scandalous relationship had been happening under the noses of their co-stars. Some fans believed editors possibly recut scenes in season 10 to capitalize on the drama unfolding recently with Sandoval and Ariana. However, Andy Cohen and several of the cast members stated that wasn’t the case. While we didn’t believe it was possible for Raquel to look even worse under the light of recent news, she topped herself in the March 22 episode.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ homewrecker Raquel Leviss | Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

James couldn’t resist stirring the pot between Lala and Raquel

Fans watched Lala and Raquel battle it out in the March 15 episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 10 during a girls’ trip to Las Vegas and Lake Havasu. Raquel made the comment referring to Lala as a “mistress” and left the trip to head back home and hang out with the Toms. The March 22 episode features Sandoval and Ariana hosting a pool party and inviting all of their friends. This includes Lala and Raquel, who are at odds, along with James. During said pool party, James tells Lala that Raquel is telling everyone that she stood up to Lala during the Havasu trip. As things are wont to do, it quickly spirals out of control, and before you know it, Lala and Raquel are exchanging some less-than-friendly words.



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