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Vanessa Marano and Boyfriend Vladimir Kroshinsky: Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Relationship and More

Vladimir Kroshinsky, who is the boyfriend of Vanessa Marano, works as an Account Manager at Open Influence. Vanessa and Vladimir are avid travellers

The majority of Vanessa’s fame stems from her extensive acting career, which spans multiple decades and includes roles in movies, television shows, and commercials.

She began her career as an actress when she was just seven years old and began appearing in plays in Agoura Hills, California. These performances led to her being cast in a number of national commercials.

She made her debut as a voice actress in the hit animated film Finding Nemo, which was released in 2003. Since then, she has starred in a number of films, including The Secret Lives of Dorks (2013) and Saving Zoe (2019), the latter of which also featured her sister Laura in a leading role.

However, she is most well-known for her work in television, particularly her role as April Nardini in the hit show Gilmore Girls and her role as Francesca in the original series The Comeback on HBO.

Vladimir Kroshinsky
Vladimir Kroshinsky and Vanessa Marano 

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Vanessa Marano: Boyfriend Vladimir Kroshinsky

Vladimir Kroshinsky, the boyfriend of Vanessa Marano, holds the position of Account Manager at Open Influence. Vladimir has been working in the field of marketing for over 15 years.

From 2003 until 2007, Vladimir was a student at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business after completing his education there.

Between the months of March and May of 2006, he served as a Marketing Intern for Cornerstone Information Systems in Bloomington, Indiana, while he was a student at the university.

It was part of his job to listen in on calls and participate in negotiation processes while working directly with the Vice President of Marketing.

Alongside his work as an Event Coordinator for Meet Market Adventures, Vladimir made his official debut in the working world as a Regional Account Manager for Echo Global Logistics and Echo Global Logistics. Both of the jobs were located in Chicago, which is in the state of Illinois.

He began working at both jobs in June 2007, but he remained at the first one until September 2007 and continued working at the second one until March 2008.

After that, he moved to Los Angeles, where he started working for Creative Asylum in February 2009 and remained there until October 2012 in the capacity of Digital Marketing Strategist. This would be his very first attempt at marketing something.

After that, Kroshinsky relocated to the city of Venice, which is located within the state of California, and began working at ZEFR as their Senior Social Media Manager.

This position was only held by Vladimir for a total of eight months before he moved back to Los Angeles in June 2013 to begin working for McBeard Media as the Creative Accounts Manager.

Over the course of the subsequent few years, Vladimir would move all over the state of California, working in a variety of jobs related to social media management and consulting.

Before landing his current position as Account Manager for Open Influence in July 2021, he held previous employment with businesses such as New Wave Entertainment, Society6, and DealerLeads.

Vanessa Marano
Vanessa Marano

Vanessa Marano: Relationship

Both Vanessa and Vladimir have no problem flaunting their relationship in front of others. On numerous occasions, Vanessa has been featured on Vladimir’s Instagram page.

Because Vanessa’s team manages her Instagram page, her boyfriend is the one who is responsible for posting pictures of the couple to the account as they embark on their many dating adventures.

Fans have gained insight into the mysteriously reserved Vanessa’s personal life as well as an understanding of how the two of them are connected as a result of his page.

On March 8, 2016, he was the first person to post a picture of her on his page. It was a candid shot of her drinking coffee at Food Lab LA, which is located in Los Angeles.

As was just stated, the two of them share a passion for exploring new places and have travelled extensively throughout both the United States and Europe.

They stopped at the Vendue Hotel in Charleston, which is located in South Carolina, during one of their journeys.

This photograph of Vanessa was taken by Vladimir while she was posing with one of the art exhibits at the hotel, which is well-known for the artwork and decorations it features.

During their travels through Europe, the two stopped in Amsterdam as well as a number of other cities and towns.

The couple appears to be deeply in love in all of the photographs that they have taken together, as they are shown tenderly embracing one another in almost all of the photographs that he shares.

Vladimir has a strong relationship with Vanessa’s family because Vanessa’s sister, Laura, who is also a successful actress and singer whose songs include “Honest With You,” has frequently acted in the role of the family’s photographer. This has helped Vladimir build a strong relationship with Vanessa’s family.

Additionally, he has a strong relationship with the rest of the family, as evidenced by the fact that he was included in the picture of them taken on New Year’s day that Laura uploaded to her account.

Last but not least, a lot of Vanessa’s followers are also huge fans of the couple, and they’ve affectionately given them the hashtag #Vladnessa.

Vanessa Marano
Vanessa Marano

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‘Switched at Birth’ made Vanessa Nicole Marano, an American actress, well-known for her portrayal of the character Bay Kennish on the show of the same name.

The gorgeous and talented actress has appeared in a number of movies and television series, including “Without a Trace,” “The Comeback,” “The Young and the Restless,” “Scoundrels,” “The Clique,” and “The Senior Project.”

At the Teen Choice Awards, she was recognised for her performance in “Switched at Birth” with two nominations. She was also chosen to become a member of the prestigious Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, making her one of the youngest members of that organisation.

Her attractiveness has won her the adoration of hundreds of admirers within the industry, in addition to the millions of fans all over the world who follow her because of it.

It has been said that Vanessa Marano is one of the most promising newcomers in the film and television industry in the United States.

Vanessa Marano: Early Life

The 31st of October, 1992 found Vanessa being brought into the world in Los Angeles, California. She is the eldest child of Damiano A. Marano and Ellen M. Marano and their firstborn child. Laura Marano, who is her younger sister, is also a successful actress.

Agoura Children’s Theater is owned and operated by her mother, who is of English descent and whose ancestry is Italian. Her father is of Italian descent. Since she was a young child, Vanessa has maintained a successful career in the acting industry.

When she was seven years old, she made her acting debut at the Agoura Children’s Theatre (A.C.T) in Agoura Hills, California, which was owned and operated by her mother. She appeared in a number of plays there.

However, her mother had a strict policy that none of her daughters should ever work in the entertainment industry. However, fate had other things in store for them. In the beginning of her professional career, Vanessa appeared in a number of national commercials.

Vanessa Marano
Vanessa Marano

Vanessa Marano: Career

  • During her time at A.C.T., Vanessa was employed by Stage Door Theater, a production company that specialised in stage plays. It was proposed to her that she provide her voice for one of the characters in the animated movie “Finding Nemo.”
  • The television series “Without a Trace,” in which she starred alongside her sister, provided her with the opportunity to break out into the mainstream acting world.
  • The popularity that she achieved through the series was a factor that assisted her in attracting television producers.
  • Within a short period of time, Vanessa was cast in the upcoming drama series ‘The Comeback’ created by Lisa Kudrow, who is best known for her work on ‘Sex and the City.’
  • Vanessa’s portrayal of a character named April Nardini in the sitcom ‘Gilmore Girls’ contributed significantly to the rise in popularity of the actress.
  • She has appeared in reoccurring capacities on a number of television shows, such as “Dexter,” “Without a Trace,” “Trust Me,” and “The Young and the Restless.”
  • In addition to that, she has appeared in recurring capacities on television shows such as “Parenthood,” “Medium,” “Love Bites,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Past Life,” “Six Feet Under,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” and “Grounded for Life.”
  • Docudramatization of the life of quadriplegic Brooke Ellison, titled “The Brooke Ellison Story,” was directed by Christopher Reeve and starred Vanessa as a young girl who suffers from the condition.
  • In order to get into the headspace of her character, she put in a lot of effort and conducted extensive research.
  • At the moment, Vanessa is collaborating on a mini-series with the actress Lucy Liu. She is playing the part of Immy, a troubled adolescent in this production.
Vanessa Marano
Vanessa Marano

Vanessa Marano: Personal Life

Without a Trace was Vanessa’s first role as an actress on television, and it was in this suspense series that she made her debut. She appeared in a total of 12 episodes playing the recurring character Hanna Malone on the show.

It all started on January 10, 2001, when the first episode of the American television series Grounded for Life was broadcast on television. But Vanessa didn’t join the cast until the fourth season of the show, which ran from 2003 to 2004.

This particular season was referred to as “Tombstone Blues,” and Bob Dylan was the one in charge of directing it.

She portrayed the role of Lexie in the play.

This telefilm from 2004 was titled The Brooke Ellison Story, and it was based on the life of the American politician Brooke Mackenzie Ellison.

She is the first person ever to graduate from Harvard University despite having quadriplegia. In the show, Vanessa portrayed a younger version of Brooke Ellison, and she said that playing the role was an overwhelming experience.

Switched at Birth is the most recent and successful family television series that Vanessa has starred in, and it helped her to regain her popularity.

The title of the series gives away the fact that it centres on two teenage girls whose identities were switched at the time of their birth. They are raised in completely different environments than one another. On June 6, 2011, the programme was initially broadcast for the first time on the channel ABC Family.

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