Vatican Secretary of State decries growing ‘religious intolerance’ in France, blames ‘radicalization’

Religious freedom and tolerance do not exist in Sharia states, since normative Islam is supremacist at its root. This is why persecution is also rife against religious minorities in Muslim countries. Meanwhile, since there is no vetting process involved in open-door immigration policies in Leftist-run Western countries, any thug, no matter what his or her values, can enter.

Due to France’s lax immigration policies, the country has imported its own problems, not just for Christians, but for Jews, too. Barring changes to the government, France is doomed to get worse, as French values succumb to Islamic values, as well as other damaging ideologies that are opposed to French culture and the rule of law.

According to the Hudson Institute:

“We also see this happening to churches in Northern Cyprus, Egypt, northern Nigeria and other places where certain members of society are hostile to a small and weak Christian community and the government itself is indifferent….Islamist terrorists and other radicalized Muslims have led France’s most deadly attacks against Christians.”

“China, Cardinal Parolin: ‘I hope the agreement can be changed,’” translated from “Cina, Cardinale Parolin: ‘Spero si possa cambiare l’accordo,’” by Andrea Gagliarducci, ACI Stampa, April 11, 2022:

…The defense of the Christian heritage does not only concern Armenia, but also affects European countries. The latest report from the French Ministry of the Interior speaks of nearly 900 attacks on religious buildings, with vandalism, desecration …

Unfortunately, it is a very present phenomenon in France, and it is still not clear what the causes of the fire of Notre-Dame were. The number of attacks indicates that religious intolerance is growing despite all efforts to try to respect each other. I see this commitment in respect, at high levels. I was able to breathe it, for example, during my trip to Dubai for the day of the Holy See at the Expo. On the other hand, we cannot neglect the issue of radicalization, due to many different factors….



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