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Video Anak Azhar Sulaiman, white bikini Leona bathing Manda in the Tular river

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A video of Azhar Sulaiman’s daughter named Kasih Iris Leona has taken the internet by storm and caused a stir among netizens. Ever since the video went viral, Azhar Sulaiman has been the talk of the town as media and reporters ask him if he watched his daughter’s video or not. Azhar Sulaiman’s answer was quite obvious. He said he had no time to watch the video on the Internet. Do you know what’s in Kasih Iris Leona’s viral video and what makes it a hot topic on the internet? Swipe down the page and look below.

Video Anak Azhar Sulaiman

When actor Azhar Sulaiman was asked about his daughter’s viral video, he said he didn’t have time to watch the viral video about Kasih Iris Leona. In the video, she was apparently only wearing a bikini, which caused an unwanted whirlwind for actor Azhar Sulaiman. 51-year-old actor Azhar Sulaiman said he was grateful his daughter Kasih Leona deleted the video and as a father he also wanted his child to learn from the mistake. Scroll down the page and read more details.

The actor said I didn’t have time to watch the white bikini video (now deleted) but I’m very grateful to Kasih and deleted the video and didn’t pursue this matter further. Azhar Sulaiman kept saying that like any other parent, we hope for the best for our daughter and hope she finds out soon. The famous actor reacted to his daughter’s white bikini video via a TikTok clip posted to his account. Please skip to the next section and read more details.

Kasih Leona began to feel the heat of the media spotlight and people’s criticism on Sunday when she uploaded a video of herself bathing in the river with her pals. In the video, Azhar Sulaiman’s daughter wears a white bikini and flaunts her figure. But people and his followers seemed to be unhappy with this video. They criticized her on social media. Once, Azhar Sulaiman admitted that he was uncomfortable when his name was involved in controversy because of his son. He said that as a father, to be honest, I am not comfortable because people will criticize me and wherever I go people will call me Kasih’s father. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates,