VIDEO: Anita Alvarez Rescue Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit & YouTube, American Swimmer Fainted Underwater!

Anita Alvarez who was at the world championships fainted all of a sudden in the water. She was taken part in the world championships and was doing well in the sporting event. While she was still in the water, Anita fainted and then was slowly drowning.  Anita is a successful swimmer who also took part in the Olympics as well. She has reportedly taken part in 16 world championships. According to the sources, Anita fainted in the water itself and later was eventually rescued. This is not the first time she fainted, she became unconscious before as well. Let us know in detail about what happened and how Anita drowned and was saved. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Anita Alvarez Rescue Video

Anita Alvarez Rescue Video

Anita is a huge former synchronized swimmer who took part four times in the Olympics and she also has taken part in world championships 16 times. Apart from that Anita also has taken part in the European Championship 11 times, and also won medals to her name. She is also the senior coach of the Us national team. Anita is a well-known swimmer and she is also known for her skills. Unfortunately, Anita was in the pool swimming at the world championships, and then she fainted inside the water itself. According to Anita’s mother Karen, this happened to her before as well. Karen said that she has seen this happen to Anita before as well, that is fainting in the water itself.

Anita Alvarez Dead or Alive?

A similar scene occurred at the Olympics as well when Anita fainted in the water at the Olympic qualifiers last year. Fuentes who was fully clothed jumped into the water to recuse Anita, who was drowning in the water and eventually they rescued Anita from the water. This time as well Anita fainted in the water and was drowning at the bottom when her coach rescued her from the water. Even after experiencing such a tragic incident Anita still said that she will compete more. It was said that Anita will compete in Friday’s team event. Anita is still hoping that she will take part in the upcoming events. Despite the incident, Anita is still hopeful and fully prepared for the next match.

What Happened To Anita Alvarez?

Speaking about the incident, when Anita was in the water and was competing and swimming, suddenly she sank to the bottom and stopped breathing. When her coach didn’t see her, she understood that something is wrong and Anita’s coach Andrea Fuentes jumped right into the water fully clothed and went inside to recuse her. The scene was captured in the cameras that Anita was slowly sinking in the water, and then her coach reached out to her and she pulled her up along with other helpers. When they pulled Anita out, she wasn’t breathing and they opted for medics as Anita was unconscious and not breathing as well. Hopefully, she survived after getting medics help.

Anita Alvarez: Health Condition & News

Andrea while speaking about the incident said that she was afraid that they would lose Anita as when she was rescuing her Anita wasn’t breathing and her heartbeat was also not audible. After Anita got treatments the USA team said in a statement that Anita was okay. It was said later that Anita’s lungs were filled with water which eventually ended up her going unconscious for a while. When the medics operated they were able to rescue Anita and they eventually got her conscious again. She will be competing in the Friday match as well.



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