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VIDEO: Beauty pageant husband invades the stage and crushes Miss Gay Mato Grosso’s crown

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The relationship between husband and wife is based on love and understanding. If a man is truly in love with you, he can do anything for you. It is said that when you get married, the happiness and sadness of you are tied to your partner. That’s why anything good or bad that happens to one partner can affect the other partner. Something similar happened in the last round of a beauty contest. When the host declared the name of the contest winner, the contestant’s husband became enraged after his wife was declared second.

Beauty Pageant Husband Video

In his anger, he breaks the crown of the winner of the beauty pageant. His unexpected behavior was captured in the video currently making the rounds on the web. People are quite shocked by the behavior of the man and some take his side as according to them the man was showing his love towards his partner and how badly affected he was when his wife was not declared the winner. This incident is all over the web and people are looking to know the details of it and that is why they are searching several websites to know more about it.

According to reports, this incident happened at Miss Gay Mato Grosso in 2023. This is an LGBTQ+ beauty pageant held annually in Brazil. Now speaking of the latest viral news, the beauty pageant contestant’s husband jumped on stage and snatched the winner’s crown from the winner’s hands, and forcefully crushed it on the floor. The reason for his act was identified as he was disappointed after seeing his wife in 2nd place. According to local media, the beauty pageant took place in Brazil on Saturday.

The video that goes viral is recorded by a viewer who was present at the contestant. As soon as the video was uploaded to the web, it went viral on social media platforms and people are sharing their reactions. The video features the 2 finalists Emannuelly Belini and Nathalie Becker on stage and a woman coming up to them to announce the winner. In order to create some suspense, she continued to move the crow above the finalists as the crow hooted in anticipation. Later, Belini was announced as the winner of the contest and the host proceeded to place the crown on her head. But before that, the host put on the crown, and the runner-up’s husband jumped up and disrupted the winner’s happy moment.