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[VIDEO] Counter-Protester at DC Anti-Mandate Rally Tells Reporter When Her “Vax Injury” Heals, She’ll Get a Booster



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Today, tens of thousands of patriots showed up in DC at the Lincoln Memorial to protest the unconstitutional vax mandates and vax passes that are still in place.


We can’t forget there are still many private businesses out there who are mandating the vax, even after Biden’s mandate was struck down.

So, patriots gathered to protest in D.C., and it was a tremendous success.

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Bonus: the FBI wasn’t there, so no riots broke out.


There was a small group of counter-protesters who showed up.

This is odd because I thought Joe Biden had 81-million voters who supported all of his policies, so you’d think there would’ve been hordes of people out there fighting for “sCiEnCe,” right?

Well, that wasn’t the case. But a few kooks did show up.

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One counter-protester actually spoke to reporters.


She told the reporter she was there to defend “tHe sCiEnCe.”

She also said that right now she’s dealing with a “vaccine injury,” and once that “heals” she’ll get the booster.

Um, yikes… okay.

Here’s what people online had to say:

“these people are hilarious 😂

“Plot twist: you never heal”

“Genuine question – if you had a severe adverse reaction to one shot that you need time to heal, would a doctor still be recommending you take the second shot or booster??”

“Vaccine-injured, but will get as many boosters as it takes. You just can’t make this stuff up, kids. Common sense isn’t so common anymore.”

“These. People. Are. Insane.”

“Wow. No words…except wow!”

“The brainwashing goes deep”

“It’s sad what they’ve done to us”


Well, by the time this poor woman has healed, she’ll likely need two boosters, because Fauci was all over the Sunday talk shows prepping the COVIDIANS for yet another booster.

God’s speed, lady…you’ll need it.


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