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[VIDEO] Gay Community is Asked What They Think of Biden, And They Don’t Hold Back LOL




Things have gotten so bad for Bumbling Joe Biden, that you can’t even go into the gay community and find support for him.


That’s what two reporters did in University Park, Texas, and what they discovered is very telling.

First off, folks either “hate” Joe and his cruddy policies, or they think he’s got oatmeal for brains and is being controlled by others.

I have said this all along… the biggest reason Biden is in trouble with the American people is that he looks and sounds like a blathering old man who belongs in a nursing home, not the White House. I don’t care what you do, if you can’t speak, walk, or handle yourself like a strong leader, the American people will not get behind you.

MORE NEWS: Psaki May Find Herself Under Federal Investigation Very Soon

And that’s where Joe is at right now. Every single day he has another debacle. Every time he opens his mouth, something unintelligible comes dripping out.

Just the other day, Joe Biden stood there, trying to shake hands with “air,” for crying out loud.

So, while it’s surprising to see how American people have abandoned Biden and the Dems, it’s not “shocking” when you really break it all down.


And when these reporters went into the gay community, a Dem strong hold, and asked “Trump or Biden” their responses were unanimous.

image 1


You can watch the video below:

Watching and listening to this strong Dem base speak out this way, really makes you wonder about the polls we’re seeing.

I truly believe that Joe Biden is in the high-teens/low twenties in terms of polling, and more people out there “get” what’s going on than we might think.



But one thing is for certain, there’s no way in hell this old coot got 81 million LEGAL votes.

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Let’s break down the stigma around dying



Lets break down the stigma around dying

“Come on, mother, let’s have a beer and talk about death.” It’s not exactly the most attractive invitation that could raise at least a raised eyebrow in response. But why should the only security in life be so unpleasant for us? Dying Matters Awareness Week, which took place earlier this month, asked the nation exactly that question. The aim of the campaign is to break down the innate stigma and encourage people to simply talk about the end of life. It doesn’t have to be deep and complicated conversations (“what’s the point of life?” Or “what happens when we die?”). They can be practical and actually quite lightweight. What song would you like to play at your funeral? Do you like a small family affair or a big knee where the bubble still flows?

At North Devon Hospice, we joined a conversation for Dying Matters Awareness Week and asked questions on our social media channels to get people to think about some of the related issues that will come to an end. The answers were fascinating and it was amazing to see such topics openly discussed with people who share their thoughts and wishes, which hopefully sparked more conversations even offline. One note that occurred to me was the answer to the question, ‘What would you like to achieve before you die?’ One lady simply replied, ‘Happiness’.

This spoke of the basic truth, which is that acknowledging one’s own mortality allows one to live life to the fullest. This is one of the main reasons why we should normalize talking about death and dying. When we deal with the fact that one day we will die without being morbid or annoyed, the opposite is true. We can make the most of life by knowing that every day is a gift that cannot be wasted.

There is also a purely practical reason why it is important to have these conversations, so that your loved ones are aware of your wishes when the time comes. They should know how and where you want them to take care of you, how you would like your departure to be marked, and what you would like to see happen to you and your belongings after death. This makes your loved ones very exhausted, and the conversations are much less emotionally charged before they become urgent.

Our reluctance to talk about dying or dying in any way is, in fact, a big risk to the future of the hospice itself. For the past 15 years, I have promoted the work we do so that local people understand the vital importance of hospice care in North Devon and will therefore feel compelled to support it. However, many in society are so closed to the concept of death that they are unwilling to think about what the hospice is doing and how we are helping people in our community. If more people were willing to talk about the end of life and realize how important time is for all involved, then more eyes would be opened to the role that the hospice plays. This would help secure our future as a charity completely dependent on the generosity of the local community.

I would like to live in a world where death and dying are not taboo, where we can be honest about our hopes, fears and desires at the end of our lives. It’s something you can try tonight with one of your friends or family. You can start by asking what they like

The song of all time is, then ask if it’s a song they would like to play at their funeral. Before you know it, the conversation will begin.

Our last days are as important as the first ones. So let’s talk about them.

North Devon Hospice Credit: Andy Casey

Leo Cooper

Head of Marketing and Communications

North Devon Hospice



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Switzerland to reopen embassy in Ki!



The House of Representatives will vote on the Fake News

Photo by Hans Braxmeier / Pixabay

Switzerland (pictured) will reopen its embassy in the Ukrainian capital Ki in the coming days. The place was temporarily closed on February 28four days later invasion promoted by Russia.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry said that an in-depth study had been carried out on the security of the city. The agency also emphasized that in case of emergency situations. “The team can leave in the short term. ”

At first, Ambassador Claude Wilde և 4 officials will return to Ki և. According to the agency, they will coordinate Ukraine’s reconstruction and humanitarian aid programs.

As we have shown, the United States has also decided to reopen its embassy in the Ukrainian capital, Ki, which was closed for three months.



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